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Weekly Knitting Update
March 27, 2008, 9:38 am
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  • So it seems like I’ve become a once a week poster. Sorry about that, I don’t really know what happens to all my time. I have been knitting a lot lately, I finished the first Easter Egg sock, on Easter Sunday no less. I decided to go with a picot edging, very girly.

Completed Easter Egg Sock“>I’ve started the second but haven’t gotten very far. And I started the hemp socks. I’m using a 2.25mm needle (Size 1). The pattern I chose was Wendyknits Double Eyelet Pattern which is a free download on the Loopy Ewe website. I am liking them so far, I figured I can actually wear these to work and hopefully when I wash them they will soften up and not be scratchy.Beginning of Black Hemp Sock“>Sorry, I realize it’s very hard to see the pattern on the solid black yarn. Maybe if we get a superbright sunny day it will work. But that is not today, very rainy and cloudy.

  • ¬†Simon continues to improve, thanks for all of your words of support. ¬†It is slow going, he is still very afraid of any noises that come from the kitchen. ¬†But he is showing signs of his playful nature and that makes me so happy I can’t even describe it.
  • The Yarn Harlot is coming to the Barnes and Noble in Carmel on April 29th. ¬†If you don’t know who Stephanie Pearl McPhee is, click her link on the side of my page and check her blog out. ¬†She is one of the funniest writers I’ve ever read and she is pretty much a rock star of the online knitting world. ¬†It is a really big deal that she is coming to talk and sign her new book and if you don’t have plans, I seriously suggest you attend.
  • I finally found some (old) new music. ¬†Brendan Benson is a member of The Raconteurs with Jack White, but he is also a solo performer. ¬†His CD “The Alternative to Love” is amazing and the song “I don’t know what I’m looking for” is featured in the new iPod Touch ad. ¬†Check him out, I dig it a lot.
  • Not surprised by Chekeze getting voted off of the Idol. ¬†My favorites to win the whole thing are the David’s and Brooke White. ¬†David Cook is just impressing me more and more every week. ¬†He could be this season’s Daughtrey.
  • Happy Thursday Everyone! ¬†p.s. Simon is up on the desk helping me blog. ¬†That makes me smile!!

Simon is doing better
March 22, 2008, 2:30 pm
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Just wanted to give you a quick update. ¬†Simon is doing much better every day. ¬†He is still extremely skittish and will run and hide when he hears a noise he doesn’t like, but he is now coming downstairs and playing with his toys some. ¬†Oscar is so excited and wants him to be well right away, so they can resume their Cat Wrestling Federation, but Simon isn’t quite ready for that yet. ¬†We are trying to keep Oscar entertained so he will let Simon be until he’s ready to play again. ¬†

Something is Wrong With Simon
March 20, 2008, 3:40 pm
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  • Hi Everyone. ¬†I have lots of things to talk about, but the thing that is most on my mind is our little cat Simon. ¬†On Sunday, he was going into the kitchen to get some treats when he started jerking his head around and dashed upstairs to hide in my closet. ¬†We thought it was really strange behavior but kind of ignored it. ¬†Well, he has been hiding in there pretty much ever since. ¬†We think that the cause was a malfunction in their water fountain that might have given him a nasty shock. ¬†We are not sure why Oscar wasn’t shocked as well, or if he was and just didn’t react the same way. ¬†We have googled cat fear behavior and hopefully in the next day or so, Simon will be feeling better and start acting more like his happy go lucky self again. ¬†It tears me and DHC up to see him so frightened in his own home. ¬†So give my little Simon some positive thoughts and prayers.

Simon in the Sink“>

  • ¬†I have lots of knitting to show you. ¬†When I was off last week I finished my Icicle Socks. ¬†I also finished my hemp hat. ¬†I have some pictures.

Icicle Sock Toe to Go“>Hemp Hat Almost Completed“>Completed Icicle Socks“>

  • ¬†I have also started my new socks. ¬†The yarn is Zen String Serendipity fingering in the colorway Reflections. ¬†It was the sock club yarn for September, but it reminds me so much of an Easter Egg. ¬†I think I’m going to call them my Easter Egg Socks.

Reflections Sock #1“>Reflection Close Up“>I am just loving these colors. ¬†

  • ¬†I am a little bit surprised that Amanda got voted off of American Idol last night. ¬†I really think that Kristy Lee Cook needs to go. ¬†I was surprised that Carly was in the bottom three. ¬†I think she kind of turns people off a little bit, she’s a really good singer, but I don’t see her winning. ¬†Right now I see the favorites as the David’s, Archeletta and Cook and Brooke White. ¬†I also watched Dancing with the Semi Famous. ¬†I thought that everyone was pretty bad except Kristy Yamaguchi. ¬†She seems like a ringer.

Don’t be too Jel
March 13, 2008, 12:46 pm
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Because it is Spring Break at many local colleges, and the students are begging for hours at the coffee shop, I have the luxury of two, count em’ TWO, days off in a row. ¬†Since I started my new careers, I can not remember a time when I have had two days with no classes to teach and no shifts at the coffee shop. ¬†I am trying to make the most of my time off by doing, nothing. ¬†My big appointment for today is a massage this afternoon. ¬†Tomorrow, my big event for the day is having lunch at a fave restaurant with Georg. ¬†But mostly I am doing absolutely nothing. ¬†I have been so tired lately that even my beloved knitting felt like a chore. ¬†But this morning I had several hours of blissful silence and worked on the leg of Icicle sock two. ¬†I am almost to the heel. ¬†I promise I will post photos of the already completed Icicle sock. ¬†I am really happy with the way it turned out. ¬†I also wound up my next sock yarn this morning, it is Zen String Serendipity in the colorway Reflections. ¬†It was the sock club yarn for last September, but it is sooooo Spring like. ¬†Pictures of it to come soon as well. ¬†I was not surprised that David Hernandez got voted off of the Idol last night. ¬†He was really bad on Tuesday, and his scandal surely didn’t help him any. ¬†I have to say I thought that the best performance on Tuesday was David Cook. ¬†He is really starting to come on in the competition, he just needs to stay far far away from any more Lionel Ritchie songs if he wants my vote. ¬†So I’m off to relax some more, Happy Thursday everyone!!

Quick Update
March 5, 2008, 9:57 am
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  • Just a quick update to let you know what’s going on. ¬†I’m almost done with the first icicle sock, just need to knit a toe on it. ¬†The hemp hat is coming along as well, getting close to the first round of decreases.¬†
  • I have been having some struggles physically, with my low back and knees. ¬†I even had some swelling in my right knee. ¬†I think after yesterday I figured out what the problem is. ¬†When I stand for hours in the drive thru, I twist my body instead of moving my feet. ¬†That is putting torque on my knees and torso. ¬†So I need to just pick my big feet up and move them and hopefully I will be feeling better soon.
  • I thought the boys were pretty much all bad last night on the Idol. ¬†My favorite is “the kid” David Archeletta, but I totally agree with Simon, sing something a little more fun and up tempo. ¬†I don’t know who besides Luke will be going home, maybe Cheesy (I totally stole that from Mike B. sorry!) or Danny who is quickly turning into Sanjaya for me. ¬†I don’t understand why they keep saying this season is so great, I don’t get that at all.
  • I’m sick of the weather, although I was loving Sunday.¬†
  • Coming soon, a picture post of my knitting, I have some actual days off next week, you will probably all get sick of me. ¬†