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I’m going to keep trying
April 29, 2007, 8:03 pm
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I’m going to keep trying to post from home, one of these days, I’m going to have success, maybe today. I finished my Rowan Bark Tunic tonight. The power of the slogalong is real!Rowan Bark Tunic #2“>

“> I finally got a picture to post from home, major strides today! I also finished my first Yarn Pirate Sock.Yarn Pirate Sock #1“>
I am cat sitting for my friends Jason and Beth. They have two beautiful cats, Mia and Zoe. They are delicate girls, nothing like my two broozers.
This is Mia.
And this is the beautiful Zoe.
Lovely Zoe
And finally for you tonight a photo of Cara and Joel from Joel’s birthday party this weekend. A fun time was had by all.
Cara and Joel


Why Is It So Hard to Blog This Week?
April 27, 2007, 8:53 am
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Normally, I have hundreds of ideas racing through my brain trying to escape to be blogged about.¬† This week is seems like I haven’t got any ideas at all.¬† I have had a busy week.¬† I’ve had actual communication with some of my blog favorites, Ann from Mason Dixon Knitting and Wendy from Wendy Knits.¬† Knitters are so nice and friendly, you just want to give them a big hug.¬† I decided to finish my Rowan Tunic, I found the name of it, it’s called Bark.¬† I even joined a “Slogalong” in order to get it finished.¬† My first Yarn Pirate sock should be finished today.¬† Wendy gave me some advice as to how to finish off the cuff.

I also forgot yesterday in all my giddiness of my separated at birth to give a giant Happy Birthday Shout Out to Cara’s hubby Joel.¬†¬†And to Jay from Rascal Flatts.¬† Cara told me it was his birthday too.¬† Joel is one of the coolest dudes I know.¬† And One Joel!

This is Talledaga weekend in NASCAR.  Talledaga is the biggest, baddest, track in NASCAR and I just love it.  Hopefully my favorite Driver #8 will find his way back to victory lane where he belongs. 

Dale Jr.

Separated At Birth? Pt. 4
April 26, 2007, 7:42 am
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Heat Miser

The Heat Miser

Gary from Rascal Flatts

 Gary from Rascal Flatts.

More on What’s Next
April 25, 2007, 8:03 am
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Because I am a pretty visual person, I thought I’d give you some photos to go with yesterday’s post regarding my next knitting project.¬† Here is a photo of the Rowan Tunic with my assistant Simon helping.

Simon on the Rowan Tunic

I have close ups too.

Simon Close Up

Oh, you wanted close ups of the sweater. Okay.

 Rowan Close Up

You can see why after a few rows, the pattern makes me go bonky.

Here is the yarn for my “Perfect” Sweater.


It’s orange, I know and you’re shocked by that.¬† And the Alchemy Haiku for the shawl.


And finally, the promised progress on the Yarn Pirate sock.¬† The pattern I’m using for the leg is the Blueberry Waffle stitch.

Yarn Pirate Sock

What’s Next?
April 24, 2007, 2:58 pm
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So now that I have finished the Baby Moderne blanket, all that I have on my needles are my Yarn Pirate socks.¬† They are coming along very nicely, maybe I will have a photo to share with you tomorrow.¬† I need to figure out what big project I want to start next.¬† I have a few ideas in mind.¬† One is an amazing Rowan tunic that I have been working on for (seriously) over 10 years now.¬† I have 1/2 or less of one sleeve left and then it will be done.¬† Why haven’t I finished it before now?¬† It’s a difficult pattern and I tire of it very quickly.¬† I think I’m at a point now in my knitting life where I could take it out, fight through the boredom and finish it once and for all.¬† Next idea is my “Perfect Sweater”.¬† This is another Mason Dixon pattern.¬† I already have the yarn purchased for this.¬† A beautiful yellowy orange Cascade.¬† It would be nice to make a sweater for myself that actually fits.¬† I would swatch and check my gauge and the whole bit.¬† The last thing I’m debating is my Icarus Shawl.¬† I also have the yarn for this.¬† It is almost warm enough that all I’m going to be wanting to knit are lacy shawls.¬† When it’s hot out, you don’t want a big piece of heavy knitting in your lap.¬† So, what do you think I should choose?¬† One of my ideas or maybe something completely different.¬† Let me know what you think.

Tuesday’s Tidbits
April 24, 2007, 10:41 am
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I just have been having a heck of a time getting this post going.¬† I just can’t seem to get my thoughts organized.¬† So let me just show you what I’ve got.¬†

First off, finished Baby Moderne.¬† It is from Mason Dixon knitting.¬† It was made with Rowan Calmer yarn, which is absolutely lovely to knit with.¬†¬†I don’t know the colors, they are¬†all numbers. ¬†Knit on US size 6 circular needles.

Finished Baby Moderne

The pattern called for an edging, but I didn’t put one on there.¬† That’s pretty rebellious for me in a knitting pattern.

My new yarn came.  Very excited for my Chewy Spaghetti and my Yarn Love.

New Sock Yarn

I have had two posts that I haven’t completed in the last couple of days.¬† I don’t know what is going on, but one was about Earth Day on Sunday.¬† The original title of today’s post was “In Praise of the White Stripes”.¬†

The White Stripes

¬†I was listening to them this morning on my drive into work, and thinking how much I like them.¬† Ann over at Mason Dixon likes them too.¬† She was even talking about making a White Stripes tribute sweater to wear to Bonnaroo this summer.¬† I’m not quite that devoted.¬†

Also, big props to my buddy Cara who was at a book festival this weekend in Lexington and got my new book signed by the Yarn Harlot herself, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.¬† Cara and I ¬†were talking on Friday and I am pretty sure that the last book I actually read from beginning to end was “Knitting Rules”, by the Harlot.¬† She is a hilarious writer, and even if you don’t knit, you owe it to yourself to check her blog out.¬† Hopefully, I will have a stream of cohesive thoughts put together for you tommorow.

Friday Miscellany
April 20, 2007, 8:48 am
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Here are a bunch of crazy pre-weekend odds and ends.

  Yesterday was the busiest day ever here at BigSkyMind.  I had over 100 hits on my site for the first time ever.  Thanks everyone!  Speaking of amazing numbers, remember last January when I made the scarf for the Red Scarf Project? 

 Red Scarf Project

¬†I think that was some of my very first blog post fodder.¬† Well, this morning I was reading the blog of the lady who spearheaded the project Norma, and she had the final number of scarves made.¬† It was over 15,000 scarves total!¬†I am repeatedly awed and humbled by the generousity and alturism of knitters.¬† I’m thinking seriously that the next person we need to get to¬†run this country should be a knitter.¬†

I’m totally on the fence about Mika and his new CD “Life In Cartoon Motion”.


Some of it I like, more of it I don’t.¬† It’s VERY Euro Pop.¬† Imagine ABBA with Freddy Mercury singing lead.¬† I guess maybe I can take it in very small doses.¬† If you’ve heard this and you love it, please tell me why.¬†

¬†Here is a sign of¬† true friendship, last night at THS I bought Carrie Underwood’s CD for David.¬† She will be forever in my mind the girl who forgot Pat Benatar’s lyrics and still was allowed to win the Idol.¬† No, I can’t and won’t get over it, it was Pat Freakin’ Benatar!¬†

Pat Benatar

Okay, deep breath, onto something else.¬† Do you believe in¬† the power of buzz or tipping points?¬† Here is an example for you.¬† David told me earlier in the week that this Saturday is his Jackie’s second birthday.¬† Jackie is David’s beloved MINI Cooper.¬† I suggested a¬†MINI caravan to Mug¬†N’ Bun.¬† I’ve never been, but have heard such good things about it, I can’t wait to go.¬† Then today I look over at Growing Sense¬†¬†Troy’s blog, and what do I see?¬† An awesome, hilarious post about the very Mug¬†N’ Bun.¬† Is it Mug¬†N’ Bun season?¬† Have we been secretly dosed with something that is making us all crave root beer, milkshakes, and greasy food?¬† Very suspicious.

Everyone have a fantastic weekend!   Enjoy the awesome weather, remember this?

 Snow Photo

So glad we don’t have to deal with it again until next year.