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Quick Update
March 5, 2008, 9:57 am
Filed under: American Idol, health, Knitting, Weather
  • Just a quick update to let you know what’s going on.  I’m almost done with the first icicle sock, just need to knit a toe on it.  The hemp hat is coming along as well, getting close to the first round of decreases. 
  • I have been having some struggles physically, with my low back and knees.  I even had some swelling in my right knee.  I think after yesterday I figured out what the problem is.  When I stand for hours in the drive thru, I twist my body instead of moving my feet.  That is putting torque on my knees and torso.  So I need to just pick my big feet up and move them and hopefully I will be feeling better soon.
  • I thought the boys were pretty much all bad last night on the Idol.  My favorite is “the kid” David Archeletta, but I totally agree with Simon, sing something a little more fun and up tempo.  I don’t know who besides Luke will be going home, maybe Cheesy (I totally stole that from Mike B. sorry!) or Danny who is quickly turning into Sanjaya for me.  I don’t understand why they keep saying this season is so great, I don’t get that at all.
  • I’m sick of the weather, although I was loving Sunday. 
  • Coming soon, a picture post of my knitting, I have some actual days off next week, you will probably all get sick of me.  



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