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Seeing The Harlot
April 30, 2008, 7:38 am
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Well last night was the big night. Stephanie Pearl McPhee aka The Yarn Harlot was here in town to give a speech to promote her latest book, “Things I Learned from Knitting … whether I wanted to or not”. Her talk was great, more intellectual than I thought it would be. She talked about how knitters have mental advantages over other people. It was both funny and fascinating. I think that I saw my friend from the comments Melissa from Banana Migraine. Melissa, I was too shy to come and talk to you, you looked like you were having a fun time with your friends. I got The Harlot to sign my book and had some pictures.
<a href=”http://The Harlot Signing My Book“>
<a href=”http://Me and The Yarn Harlot“>
My personal highlight was after she handed me my book she said she really liked my sweater I had on that the flames “rocked”. That was awesome! The Harlot liked my sweater!! Wow!!

Now on to my knitting, I have photos for you. I finished the first Earth Day sock for Mike B. I started on the second, but am running low on yarn. It takes a lot of yarn to make socks for a size 14 foot on size 0 needles! Here is my progress so far<a href=”http://First Earth Day Sock 1“>
<a href=”http://Earth Day Sock Close up with Flash“>
<a href=”http://Earth Day Sock Close up no Flash“>

I worked on the second version of the hemp socks while I waited and while The Harlot spoke. I got a lot done. It is pretty rare that I just sit for a few hours and knit without interruption. Here is a shot of where I am and I tried to get a close up of the pattern for you.
<a href=”http://Progress on the Hemp Sock“><a href=”http://Hemp Sock Pattern Close Up“>

I also have some new yarn to share with you. At the coffee shop we had “fun sock day” last week. That made me think that I would like some socks that match my uniform I have to wear. After much searching on The Loopy Ewe, I decided that Numma Numma Baby Boo in Spinach and Brown Rice was the perfect shades to match my apron and the coffee.
<a href=”http://Numma Numma Baby Boo in Spinach and Brown Rice“>

I have been trying to “go green”. Mostly in my cleaning and personal care products. It is really unbelievable when you look on the back of most facial and body products how many chemicals they have in them. I’m trying to avoid products that have anything with paraben in them. It is almost impossible. I have found some things, but it has really opened my eyes. You think because companies know you put these products on your face and body that they are safe, but I’m not sure that is their first concern.

I’m gonna go downstairs and watch last night’s Idol. DHC said that David Cook was the best. Have a good week everyone!!


Knit Picks Rules!!!
April 23, 2008, 7:40 am
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I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the service I got from Knit Picks regarding my broken Harmony needles! I initially emailed them to see if anything could be done when the first one broke. Then after the second one broke I decided just to send them back in to see if I could get replacements. I got my new needles on Monday one week after I sent them in. I received several emails following up. I am only going to use Knit Picks needles in the future. I will just have to plan ahead and work on being patient since I have to order them and can’t have them immediately when I want to start a new project. I am thinking about getting the Harmony interchangeable system. Does anyone have it? I’m curious to know if people like it.
I am not nearly as pleased with the lack of good customer service I received at Stitches and Scones. I went to return the needle I bought when the first Harmony snapped and was told that there are no returns or exchanges of any sort on needles. Now I kind of understand why they do this, so people won’t buy needles, run home knit like the wind, finish their project and bring them back, but seriously. There was nothing wrong with these needles, they were barely used, they could easily be resold. All I wanted was a store credit, which is all you can get their for anything. So now I am stuck with a set of Size 1 12″ Addi Turbo needle that I paid $14. for. Which is about what two of the Knit Picks needles cost by the way. There are lots of local yarn shops, I just will choose not to give Stitches and Scones my business in the future.
I have started some new socks since finishing the Easter Egg Socks. They are for my friend Mike B. He loves the flame socks I made him this winter, but wants something a little less warm for Spring and Summer. I am making him a pair of socks using Austermann Step, the yarn with Aloe and Jojoba mixed in with the fiber. It is lovely to knit with and I don’t notice the conditioners in the yarn, it just feels soft. I will post a photo when one is finished. They are in blue tones, so I’m thinking they will be called Earth Day Socks. Speaking of Earth Day, did you know that most commercial fabric softeners use beef fat to soften your clothes? Ewwww! Now I need to rethink my Downey habit.
I so enjoyed Earth Day, the weather was just incredible!! I feel like I griped so much when the weather was bad this winter, that I need to give Mother Nature some props. Love this weather we’ve been having! It is so gorgeous and fantastic!!!
I’m am getting so excited about the Yarn Harlot’s visit next Tuesday. I’m planning on going early, between 3-4 to get a place in line. I almost completely messed up tho. One of my fellow yoga teachers ask me to sub next Tuesday night for her. I initially said yes and then remembered when the date was. Turns out she wanted to go see the Harlot too! For all you non knitters that read the blog, it is going to be a big event. Barnes and Noble has no idea what is going to happen to them.
American Idol made a bad choice last night with the Andrew Lloyd Webber songs. I think that it’s between Jason and Brooke who is going home. Everyone enjoy the weather and have a great week!!

A Fair amount to blog about
April 15, 2008, 4:28 pm
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I actually have a fair amount of things to talk about today.  I finished the Easter Egg socks.  <a href=”http://Easter Egg Socks“>
They are Zen String Serendipity in the colorway Reflections. I knit them toe up using 2 circular size 0 KnitPick Harmony needles. If you like these at all, the credit goes to Angelina at Zen String. The colors are amazing.

I was working away on the hemp socks on Saturday when one of my Size 1 Harmony needles snapped in half. I was very sad, but hustled to the yarn shop and bought a replacement size 1. Then when working on the heel flap I realized I had made a horrible error and would have to tear the entire heel out and start over. So as I was picking my stitches back up and starting to knit again, my other set of Harmony’s broke off right at the join to the cable. I’ve sent both pair back to KnitPicks. I’ve never had a problem with my size 0’s so I can’t imagine why both sets of 1’s would break like that. In frustration, I ripped the entire Hemp sock out, rewound the yarn and started again on metal size 0 needles.

I’m not very excited about tonight’s Idol. Mariah Carey? Really? At best, it will just be awright for me Dawg. I was very, very surprised about Michael Johns last week. He has never been one of my favorites, but I didn’t think he’d get voted off before Kristie Lee Cook.

I am very excited about going to see the Yarn Harlot next week. Her blogs about her book tour are highlariously entertaining as always.

Simon is having a bad day today. He was hiding in the closet when I got home and is very skittish today. Somedays are like that, but not very often so that is good.

I have a clutter problem
April 9, 2008, 7:34 am
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Yes, I’ll admit it.  I have a serious clutter problem.  I’m messy and I tend to just pile things up.  But I’ve been reading “It’s All Too Much” by Peter Walsh.  As much as I read anything.  Well, this past weekend I threw out 5 large garbage bags full of junk.  Expired medicines, old food, phone books, stuff I was never going to use again.  I still have to tackle my closet, it completely overwhelms me, and my office.  I have so many past issues of magazines they fill up a couple of bookshelves.  I think I may talk to Half Price Books and see if they will take them.  The thing is I never read them so they are just taking up space.

On the knitting front, not much to report.  I’m still working on the second of the Easter Egg sock and not working on the hemp sock at all.  I did go through some of my knitting stuff in my clutter clearing.  I found sock yarn I completely forgot I had.  Oops!  I guess I’m okay for awhile.  I also really need to update my Ravelry page.  It is woefully behind.  I would love to work on it, but when I have free time, I feel like I want to knit, not be on the computer.

I thought that last night’s Idol was pretty boring.  No one person really stood out for me.  It might be Carly Smithson that gets voted off.  She should really have invested in some long sleeved tops.  That might have saved her for a few more weeks.

Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary.  Darling Husband Carl and I have been married for 8 years and together for 20.  Needless to say, time goes very quickly.  Happy Anniversary Darling!



A Trip to the Apple Store
April 3, 2008, 3:58 pm
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  • Lately my fancy iPhone’s battery has been running down at a somewhat alarming rate.  I don’t use it A LOT, I think I maybe use it an average amount.  But the battery has been running down completely every day.  So today I made a trip to my local Apple Store to talk to them about it.  They were actually nice (shocking)!!!  I was afraid I would have to send my phone into Apple to have it fixed and potentially be without a phone for weeks.  I don’t think I could handle that.  But it turns out that I have to give them my phone for a couple of days for them to check how fast the battery is going down.  If it is 50% faster than it should be, boom, they just give me a new phone.  My fancy Apple Club card did help make the process go smoother, maybe I am getting my $100 worth out of that thing.  I just hope that if (when) we have to switch phones all of my photos and info can be transfered easily.  
  • Not too much new on the knitting front, still working on Easter Egg sock two and haven’t worked on the hemp socks at all.  Been thinking about some new projects tho, I’m starting to get a case of startitis.
  • I was totally okay with Ramiele getting voted off Idol last night.  Now Kristie Lee Cook really needs to go.