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Fingers Of Fury
December 30, 2007, 9:53 am
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That’s what is felt like in those last crazy days before Christmas. I actually spend all of Christmas day knitting on the Argosy Blanket and almost got it done. I finished it the day after. Darling Husband Carl and Simon are both so thrilled with it that they won’t let me block or edge it. Here are a couple of photos.
<a href=”http://Argosy Blanket Folded“>
<a href=”http://Argosy Blanket“>
You may notice in the background of the second photo the boys Christmas presents. They love their cheese chaser. They spent at least 30-45 minutes on Christmas morning playing with it. That is a looooong time for my little ADD cats. Oscar was the first one to check it out.
<a href=”http://Christmas Present #3“>
Soon Simon had to come over and get involved.
<a href=”http://Christmas Present #2“>
<a href=”http://Christmas Present #1“>
So back to the knitting for a minute. I was doing a mental wrap up of my holiday knitting. You may remember that I was not going to do a lot of holiday knitting this year. I made 6 dishcloths, a pair of Men’s socks, a scarf, two hats, and a full sized blanket. Yeah, not much knitting. So now I’m on to my next projects. I’ve been making lobby dishcloths. The pattern is at Here is a photo of the most recent one. I’m really in love with the edging on this dishcloth. Is it wrong to be in love with an edging?
<a href=”http://Lobby Dishcloth“>
I’m also making a pair of socks for my pal Mike B. They are going to have flames on them. I’ll post a picture as soon as they aren’t just solid black. So that’s my update. I have the whole day off today, hooray. So I can work on the socks, and my thank you notes. I hope that everyone had as wonderful a holiday as I did.


Coming Soon
December 29, 2007, 7:21 am
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Pictures of completed Argosy Blanket. ¬†Recap of completed holiday knitting. ¬†Plans for future projects. ¬†Hopefully tomorrow. ¬†Don’t give up on me just yet.

So Far, So Good
December 19, 2007, 10:17 pm
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Good news to report. ¬†Scarf is done and blocking. ¬†Hat is on the needles. ¬†At this rate I should have them both ready for my gift exchange on Friday night. ¬†Then it’s just finishing Argosy. ¬†Not the easiest of tasks. ¬†I asked for an extension to January 1 to get it finished. ¬†Then I can work on projects at a little less frantic pace for awhile.

Quick Update
December 18, 2007, 5:22 am
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Hey everybody. ¬†The Christmas knitting is taking up all of my free time. ¬†My Dad’s socks are finished and on their way to South Carolina. ¬†I’m into the second skein of my friend Lauren’s scarf and I have to make a hat for RNR. ¬†Then just finishing the Argosy blanket and I’m done. ¬†Think I can make it? ¬†I hope so.

Day Off???
December 12, 2007, 8:38 am
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So today is my day off, the day I don’t have to make coffee or teach yoga. ¬†Here are some of the things I need to accomplish today. ¬†Doing Laundry, finishing my knitting projects that have to be mailed. ¬†Writing my Christmas cards and getting them mailed, baking holiday cookies, wrapping the presents I’ve already purchased. ¬†Assembling my packages that need to be mailed out. ¬†Oh and on top of everything I think I’m coming down with Darling Husband Carl’s nasty head cold. ¬†Day off??? ¬†You tell me.

I’m a Bad Blogger
December 10, 2007, 4:47 pm
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Sorry everyone, I know it’s been a long time since my last post. I’ve been busy! The holiday knitting crunch is on. Plus we’ve been fighting the battle of the red jeep. Darling Husband Carl finally decided that it wasn’t worth it to put more, maybe lots more money into it. After a harrowing ride to work on Thursday morning, he agreed to sell it to a guy he works with. That left us one SUV short. Then it snowed. DHC took me to work and my pal Mike B. kindly picked me up, but that isn’t a permanent solution. So on Saturday after yoga we went out and bought a used Jeep Liberty. It’s a very pretty gold/khaki color. So that will be DHC’s new winter drive and I inherit the Blue Wrangler. What I’ve been doing mostly when I’m not making coffee is knitting. Wanna see what I’ve been up to? I got my Dad’s first sock finished.<a href=”http://Dad's Socks #1 Done“>
Here is where I am with the second one.
<a href=”http://Dad's Socks“>
My knitting/photography nosy assistants were helping me this afternoon. When I was at a point that I couldn’t continue with my Dad’s socks (I needed a foot length) I started a scarf for my friend Lauren.
<a href=”http://Lauren's Scarf with Simon“>
Simon was giving it a sniff. It is Noro Kureyon and the color is 102. I’m making another My So Called Scarf. It is one of my favorite patterns. And I’m using my Yarn Pirate Needles! Here is a more close up of the pattern.
<a href=”http://Lauren's Scarf“>
I think the combo of the pattern and yarn is going to turn out amazing! I promise between cookie baking and Christmas Card writing I will try to post again soon.

Good News, Bad News, and some Actual Knitting
December 5, 2007, 12:04 pm
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Bad News: ¬†First measurable snow of the year came last night.¬†Good News: ¬†I wasn’t scheduled to work today so I get to stay inside with Simon and Oscar and look at the pretty. ¬†Here are some pictures out the back door for you.¬†<a href=”http://Snow Picture #3“><a href=”http://Snow Picture #1“><a href=”http://Snow Picture #2“>Bad News: The Red Jeep is still out of commission from being stolen. Actually it works just fine except the windshield wipers won’t work. On a snowy day, you pretty much need windshield wipers.Good News: Being stranded at home gives me lots and lots of knitting/blogging time.Here is a photo of how far I am on my Dad’s first sock.<a href=”http://Dad's Christmas Socks“>I also have some yarn pron for you. I have true to my word not bought any yarn lately. But I recently received some sock club yarns. They are exceptionally beautiful.<a href=”http://Zen String Serendipity Morroco“>This is my Zen String from October. The colorway is Morocco.<a href=”http://Zen String Serendipity Poseidon“>This is my Zen String for November. The colorway is Poseidon. I’m not getting a great color from my camera on this one. It is a really lovely blueish color, with almost some grey in it. Next up is my Booty Club yarn for November, the colorway is Solstice.<a href=”http://Yarn Pirate BFL Solstice“>Now that I look at it that photo’s not very good either. Beautiful purples and blues. Oscar wanted a sniff.<a href=”http://Oscar Sniffing the Booty“>”>Be super careful in the snow everyone!!