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Something is Wrong With Simon
March 20, 2008, 3:40 pm
Filed under: American Idol, Knitting, Pets
  • Hi Everyone.  I have lots of things to talk about, but the thing that is most on my mind is our little cat Simon.  On Sunday, he was going into the kitchen to get some treats when he started jerking his head around and dashed upstairs to hide in my closet.  We thought it was really strange behavior but kind of ignored it.  Well, he has been hiding in there pretty much ever since.  We think that the cause was a malfunction in their water fountain that might have given him a nasty shock.  We are not sure why Oscar wasn’t shocked as well, or if he was and just didn’t react the same way.  We have googled cat fear behavior and hopefully in the next day or so, Simon will be feeling better and start acting more like his happy go lucky self again.  It tears me and DHC up to see him so frightened in his own home.  So give my little Simon some positive thoughts and prayers.

Simon in the Sink“>

  •  I have lots of knitting to show you.  When I was off last week I finished my Icicle Socks.  I also finished my hemp hat.  I have some pictures.

Icicle Sock Toe to Go“>Hemp Hat Almost Completed“>Completed Icicle Socks“>

  •  I have also started my new socks.  The yarn is Zen String Serendipity fingering in the colorway Reflections.  It was the sock club yarn for September, but it reminds me so much of an Easter Egg.  I think I’m going to call them my Easter Egg Socks.

Reflections Sock #1“>Reflection Close Up“>I am just loving these colors.  

  •  I am a little bit surprised that Amanda got voted off of American Idol last night.  I really think that Kristy Lee Cook needs to go.  I was surprised that Carly was in the bottom three.  I think she kind of turns people off a little bit, she’s a really good singer, but I don’t see her winning.  Right now I see the favorites as the David’s, Archeletta and Cook and Brooke White.  I also watched Dancing with the Semi Famous.  I thought that everyone was pretty bad except Kristy Yamaguchi.  She seems like a ringer.

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Poor Simon! I hope that he doesn’t stay hiding.

I like the Icicle socks – they knit up very nicely.
The other socks are very colorful and Eastery!

Comment by Melissa

Thanks Melissa. Simon seems like he might be getting better. I am cautiously optimistic.

Comment by Sally

Have you accounted for all of the “hemp” in the house. I’ve heard that high people (or cats in this case)often times become paranoid while under the influence.

Have you noticed any missing twinkies recently?

Comment by RNR

We don’t eat twinkies, but Simon was enjoying his treats. I’ll have to check and see if any of the leftover hemp yarn is missing. I am planning on using it for a pair of socks, he better not have eaten it!

Comment by bigskymind

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