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Some Cute Cat Photos
September 11, 2009, 5:48 pm
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So I think I can blog now from my iPhone. This may mean a huge increase in blogging production. Now I think most blogs with no pictures are kinda boring, so how about pictures of our three wild kitties. First there is a picture of Stewie, he’s a loooong cat. Next is Prince Oliver, we nicknamed him Puddin’. I don’t know why we call him that, but I’m pretty sure he thinks that’s his name. And then there is Nigel aka Babycat. He’s the youngest and such a sweetie. He also makes me have great respect for Moms of toddlers, as he can be a little needy. They are all completely adorable and we love them to pieces. Okay, the photos are upside down. Nigel is first and Stewie’s picture is at the bottom.