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August 9, 2008, 12:32 pm
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I decided to participate in the Ravelympics, Ravelry’s version of Olympic competition. ¬†The goal is to start and finish a project between the opening ceremonies and the end of the Olympics. ¬†I am participating in the Sock Put (really, what else did you think I would do). ¬†I decided to make a pair of socks for Mike. ¬†He picked out the yarn a while back. ¬†It is Lane Cervinia Forever Jacquard. ¬†I am making them cuff down using the magic loop. ¬†Here is my progress so far:
<a href=”http://Mike's Fall Socks“>
I am pleased that I have as much done as I do. I am competing for Team Indiana. Hopefully, I will be able to keep up the pace. I won’t get too much done this afternoon, I am headed off to the State Fair. Mmmmm…Grilled Cheese, I can hardly wait!!!


I got nothing
February 7, 2008, 12:00 pm
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  • I thought about blogging yesterday and honestly could not think of anything interesting I had to say. ¬†Today is not much better. ¬†On the knitting front, I’m still working on Cara’s poncho. ¬†I really like it, it’s just taking a bit of time to knit 54″ of length. ¬†I also am making another pair of the Fetching mitts for a co-w0rker at the coffee shop. ¬†I was thinking that I wanted to make her some for her birthday, February 15, and then she ask me to make her a pair after she saw mine. ¬†So then I knew I had to make them for her. ¬†I’m using a Paton’s Classic Wool in a really pretty pinky color that is almost mauve. ¬†I’ll take some photos after they are done. ¬†Speaking of photos, Mike B. is still tweaking his website for it’s big unveiling. ¬†Technical gremlins are giving him fits, but he assures me it will be ready soon. ¬†I bought a book last week called “2 at a time Socks”. ¬†It is about knitting both socks at the same time using the Magic Loop technique. ¬†I don’t know how I feel about knitting two socks at the same time, that sort of takes the portability out of them, but I am using the Magic Loop to make the mitts and I kind of like it. ¬†After finishing the first mitt, I tried dipping my cable from my circular needles into boiling water to make it more flexible. ¬†It actually worked! ¬†I was a little surprised. ¬†
  • ¬†On the television front, my favorite new show to watch is called “Ninja Warrior”. ¬†It is on the G4 cable network. ¬†It is from Japan (duh), and involves these crazy challenges for people to complete to become “Ninja Warriors”. ¬†You can tell this isn’t an American program, because most of the time, no one wins. ¬†The challenges are so difficult, I’m kind of surprised anyone can do them at all. ¬†One of my favorite parts of the program are the ads, their tagline is “Ninja Please”. ¬†Makes me chuckle everytime I hear it.¬†
  • I have the entire day off today, no classes to teach and no working at the coffee shop. ¬†I feel much better the last couple of weeks with the extra day off. ¬†I think I was pushing myself a little bit too much. ¬†
  • ¬†As was mentioned in the comments of the last post I’m very, very excited about the outcome of the Superbowl. ¬†So happy to see the cheater Patriots get their comeuppance in the only game that really matters. ¬†No one will remember that they were 18-1. ¬†Everyone will remember that the Giants had the biggest upset in Superbowl history. ¬†I loved that the Giants defense put a beat down on the “greatest” quaterback of all time Tom Brady, and proved to all the tv talking heads that the dude is human and falls on his butt like everybody else. ¬†I was happy that Peyton’s little brother Eli could finally tell the NY media to “shove it”.¬†Good for him.¬†
  • Hope everyone has a great Thursday!!¬†

Weekend Update
October 21, 2007, 6:53 pm
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First things first, we are very, very, lucky. We got a phone call on Thursday night from IMPD that the red jeep was found abandoned. It was out of gas and the battery was dead. After we had it towed to the house, we found out that the headlights are messed up and the windshield wipers aren’t working properly, but for the most part, the jeep is fine. DHC and I really never thought we would see jeepy again and there it is sitting right back in our driveway where it belongs. The reason I haven’t given you all this update sooner is the fact that I have been out of town celebrating ISU homecoming with my sorority sisters, Georg and Suzanne. I have lots of photos! We all met up Friday night and of course headed out on the town. Here are the girls enjoying a beverage at the famous Ballyhoo Tavern. It was a major part of our college experience and we could not celebrate Homecoming without a visit.
Friday Night
Don’t they look happy? Check this out, this is breakfast the next morning.
Saturday Morning
We didn’t get carried away at all on Friday, so we were all bright and bushy tailed on Saturday morning. We went outside to check out the big homecoming parade. Lots of boat floats this year. Our sorority float consisted of a car on a flatbed trailer, a little disappointing.
Big Float
Homecoming Parade
Boats Were Popular Floats
Our Sorority Float
Car on a Float
After the parade, we wandered around campus for awhile, then headed down to the stadium for tailgating activities. Here is a photo of the band getting ready to get the crowd all fired up for the game.
ISU Band Getting Ready
We found our school mascot Sycamore Sam and he graciously agreed to pose with us for a photo.
Us and Sycamore Sam
We are not completely sure what sort of animal Sam is supposed to be. We think after many years of study, he is a fox, but there is some thought that he could be a blue squirrel. Any thoughts readers? Eventually, the fantastic tailgating came to an end and thanks to Suzanne and all her connections, we had tickets to the game. Now I have been harrassed in the past for not actually going into the football game. I have photographic evidence that we did go in.
Football Game
Football Game 2
There is a good reason why we have avoided the games in the past. Our football team is the worst in all of college football. Seriously. By halftime the score was 42-0. Final score this weekend was 56-7. We were amazed that they scored at all. If I have my figures correct, we’ve won 1 football game in the last 3 seasons. At least the weather was perfect. Warm and sunny, so we didn’t mind sitting and watching the massacre for awhile. I should also note that we got to stay at a fantastic brand new hotel, they were still hanging pictures and exit signs while we were there. It was so nice, we weren’t quite sure we were in the right city. It was so centrally located, we walked everywhere except to the game it’s self.

I got no knitting done at all, but had such a great time, which I desperately needed, that I don’t care at all. I hope everyone had a great weekend as well.

Blogging Blahs
October 16, 2007, 10:55 am
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Lately I’ve been suffering from the blogging blahs.¬† I know that my posts of late haven’t been very interesting.¬† Trust me, if they aren’t interesting to me, I KNOW they aren’t interesting to you.¬† It seems I am not alone in this phenomena.¬† Most of the blogs I check daily haven’t been updated in awhile.¬† I’m just wondering why this is?¬† Is it the weather?¬† The imminent arrival of winter with all of it’s yuckkiness?¬† Have we all collectively run out of things to say?¬† There just doesn’t seem to be that much going on right now.¬† So here are some boring facts that you probably don’t care about.¬†

My black cashmere hoodie from JCrew finally came.¬† It’s pretty big, I ordered a large, maybe should have gotten a medium, but it is super soft and comfy.¬† It was my big fall indulgence purchase.¬†

I’m going to meet my sorority sisters this weekend for homecoming.¬† We’ve been friends for over 20 years now.¬† I love them and can’t wait to see them!¬† Maybe I’ll take some photos to share, we will see how it goes.¬†

I thought that “Dancing with the Semi Famous” was a little boring last night.¬† I don’t think that Sabrina deserved a perfect score.¬† She just doesn’t entertain me at all.¬† Plus I was totally distracted by her music.¬† “You Spin Me Round” by Dead or Alive?¬† Please, that is not a song to Paso by!¬†

¬†I worked on my Rappongi socks last night.¬† Even though there is a pattern, I’ve got it memorized and am really enjoying knitting it.¬†

My new favorite tv show is “Pushing Daisies”.¬† The fact that one of the main¬†characters is a knitter makes me love it all the more.¬†

We are having the cable vs. dish debate in our house.¬† IU basketball season is quickly approaching and if Darling Husband Carl doesn’t get the Big Ten Network; well, I don’t even want to think about it.¬† So he is trying to decide what kind of dish he wants and how many televisions we want on it.¬† I think he’s got it all figured out, but it’s been a lot of back and forth.¬† We need to get it settled soon, that’s all I know.¬†

And MINI Pearl is sick, she has bad brakes, so DHC is taking her tomorrow to get her some new shoes.¬† I hope they have sparkly pink or orange ones for her.¬† What do you mean brake shoes don’t come in colors?¬† Well, they totally should!

Any random things going on in your life you want to share?  I promise I will try to think of something more interesting to write about tomorrow.

Gators Chomp and Can You Tango To The Clash?
April 3, 2007, 8:39 am
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Florida Gators

So the mighty Florida Gators put the beat down on Ohio State AGAIN, to win the college basketball national championship.¬† In all honesty, if I hadn’t picked Florida to win, I would have been rooting for Ohio State.¬† Hopefully, losing in both football and basketball will humble some of the overly obnoxious¬†Ohio State fans out there.¬† I doubt it tho.¬†

So onto Dancing With The “Stars”.¬† I missed last week due to my allergy induced haze.¬† This week was interesting.¬† I have to question some of the musical choices.¬† Tangoing to the “Star Wars Theme” and “Rock The Casbah”?¬† I know that in all the world of music, there are enough real tango songs out there so this didn’t have to happen.¬† I also wasn’t crazy that they changed the words to “Crocodile Rock”.¬†¬†You wonder how Sir Elton felt about that.¬†¬†I feel like Clyde might be the one to get voted off.¬† He just seems like he’s shuffling, and his shoulders are way up by his ears.¬† He needs to do some yoga and learn how to relax a little bit.¬†

I am almost finished¬†knitting the tote bag, I ran out of yarn last night.¬† So maybe tonight I will get it finished and felted during¬†The Idol.¬† Will Blake try to beat box¬†“I Left My Heart In San Francisco”?¬†¬†