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Seeing The Harlot
April 30, 2008, 7:38 am
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Well last night was the big night. Stephanie Pearl McPhee aka The Yarn Harlot was here in town to give a speech to promote her latest book, “Things I Learned from Knitting … whether I wanted to or not”. Her talk was great, more intellectual than I thought it would be. She talked about how knitters have mental advantages over other people. It was both funny and fascinating. I think that I saw my friend from the comments Melissa from Banana Migraine. Melissa, I was too shy to come and talk to you, you looked like you were having a fun time with your friends. I got The Harlot to sign my book and had some pictures.
<a href=”http://The Harlot Signing My Book“>
<a href=”http://Me and The Yarn Harlot“>
My personal highlight was after she handed me my book she said she really liked my sweater I had on that the flames “rocked”. That was awesome! The Harlot liked my sweater!! Wow!!

Now on to my knitting, I have photos for you. I finished the first Earth Day sock for Mike B. I started on the second, but am running low on yarn. It takes a lot of yarn to make socks for a size 14 foot on size 0 needles! Here is my progress so far<a href=”http://First Earth Day Sock 1“>
<a href=”http://Earth Day Sock Close up with Flash“>
<a href=”http://Earth Day Sock Close up no Flash“>

I worked on the second version of the hemp socks while I waited and while The Harlot spoke. I got a lot done. It is pretty rare that I just sit for a few hours and knit without interruption. Here is a shot of where I am and I tried to get a close up of the pattern for you.
<a href=”http://Progress on the Hemp Sock“><a href=”http://Hemp Sock Pattern Close Up“>

I also have some new yarn to share with you. At the coffee shop we had “fun sock day” last week. That made me think that I would like some socks that match my uniform I have to wear. After much searching on The Loopy Ewe, I decided that Numma Numma Baby Boo in Spinach and Brown Rice was the perfect shades to match my apron and the coffee.
<a href=”http://Numma Numma Baby Boo in Spinach and Brown Rice“>

I have been trying to “go green”. Mostly in my cleaning and personal care products. It is really unbelievable when you look on the back of most facial and body products how many chemicals they have in them. I’m trying to avoid products that have anything with paraben in them. It is almost impossible. I have found some things, but it has really opened my eyes. You think because companies know you put these products on your face and body that they are safe, but I’m not sure that is their first concern.

I’m gonna go downstairs and watch last night’s Idol. DHC said that David Cook was the best. Have a good week everyone!!


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I thought I saw you too – but I didn’t want to be wrong if I introduced myself- I’m really shy too. In fact I almost talked myself out of going since I didn’t have anyone to go with. Luckily the people I sat next to were nice. She was so funny wasn’t she? I about fell over when she asked me about my sock that I was knitting. We’re going to have to get together sometime and work on our socks šŸ™‚

I love that Baby Boo – great colors!

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