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I have a clutter problem
April 9, 2008, 7:34 am
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Yes, I’ll admit it.  I have a serious clutter problem.  I’m messy and I tend to just pile things up.  But I’ve been reading “It’s All Too Much” by Peter Walsh.  As much as I read anything.  Well, this past weekend I threw out 5 large garbage bags full of junk.  Expired medicines, old food, phone books, stuff I was never going to use again.  I still have to tackle my closet, it completely overwhelms me, and my office.  I have so many past issues of magazines they fill up a couple of bookshelves.  I think I may talk to Half Price Books and see if they will take them.  The thing is I never read them so they are just taking up space.

On the knitting front, not much to report.  I’m still working on the second of the Easter Egg sock and not working on the hemp sock at all.  I did go through some of my knitting stuff in my clutter clearing.  I found sock yarn I completely forgot I had.  Oops!  I guess I’m okay for awhile.  I also really need to update my Ravelry page.  It is woefully behind.  I would love to work on it, but when I have free time, I feel like I want to knit, not be on the computer.

I thought that last night’s Idol was pretty boring.  No one person really stood out for me.  It might be Carly Smithson that gets voted off.  She should really have invested in some long sleeved tops.  That might have saved her for a few more weeks.

Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary.  Darling Husband Carl and I have been married for 8 years and together for 20.  Needless to say, time goes very quickly.  Happy Anniversary Darling!




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I JUST took that book out of the library! I read Walsh’s newer book (Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?), which just struck a chord with me for some reason. And boy, is it timely…my husband and I both just hit the limit with our clutter and wanted to do something about it, but weren’t sure where to start. We need, like, a decluttering support group or something…

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