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It’s Snowing Again
February 27, 2008, 9:19 am
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  • I’m pretty sure it’s snowing again. It’s not really enough snow to cancel school or close anything down, but it’s just annoying. I think it has snowed like every day for a week. I’m over it.
  • Onto happier topics, I finished Cara’s poncho on Sunday.  Just to recap, it was the Union Square Wrap/Shawl pattern from the “Weekend Knits” book by Melanie Falick.  I used 6 skiens of Bernat Alpaca Natural Blends in the Natural colorway.  I’m so happy with this yarn and this pattern that I bought some in the Ebony colorway to make one for myself.  Here are some photos:

Simon Helping With Cara's Poncho“>Finished Poncho #1“>Finished Poncho #2“>I currently have two projects in the works. If you remember last week I said I had decided to make the icicle socks just plain. Well after working on them for about 4” or maybe more I really didn’t like the way they were looking and ripped them out. After fighting with the yarn for over an hour trying to get it rewound into a ball, I cast on for the Porthole Rib socks. This is a pattern I got from my Zen String sock club when I was a member. The pattern was written by Karen Bole, and I am really very happy with the way they are turning out. Here is what they look like so far.Porthole Rib Sock #1“>Porthole Rib Close Up“>The other project that I am working on is a hat knit out of a hemp blend yarn. A co-worker at the coffee shop asked me to knit him something from hemp. I had never used a hemp blend yarn before so I said okay. The yarn I am using is called Hempathy. It is a hemp, cotton, modal blend. It is certainly not the softest yarn I’ve ever used and I am not completely sure that it’s not just going to be a big stretched out mess when I am done. Here is what it looks like so far. Not the best photo, black yarn is kind of tough to photograph, especially when the sun never shines.Hemp Hat“>So that is what I’m working on these days.  Just an interesting note, hemp yarn must be produced overseas and imported.  It is illegal to make it in the US.  The Hempathy brand is from Italy.

  •  I didn’t get to watch the Idol last night.  I was at the big training session at the coffee shop.  I’m sure you all heard about it on the news.  I’m actually very excited about the way things are going there as a company.  They are getting back to basics.  So if it takes longer to get your drink, don’t be annoyed, it should taste better than it has in a long time.
  • I have a couple of cute photos of the boys.  As you could see at the top of this post, Simon was helping me with Cara’s poncho.  His favorite new hang out is in the kitchen sink.  Not quite sure why.

Simon in the Sink“>Oscar“>And for all of the Fans of Oscar out there, one of the big fur ball himself. If you want to see some really amazing photos of cats, check out Mike B’s new website


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You’ve been getting lots of knitting done. The boys are cute as ever. All the coffee talk on the news has got me craving a nice big cup.

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