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In Praise of the Foot Massager
February 19, 2008, 5:27 pm
Filed under: American Idol, Knitting, Technology
  • After standing up for 7-8 hours straight at the coffee shop, my feet tend to be tired and sore. So Sunday after 6 straight days in the drive thru (no I’m not really bitter, why did you ask?!?) I bought myself a little present. It is a Homedics Foot Pleaser Ultra Deep Kneading Foot Massager. Next to iPhone, it is my favorite gadget in the world! Here is a photo of it.Shiastu Foot Massager“>I highly recommend one if you’re on your feet a lot. Or if you run long distances, Peanut!! Speaking of the drive thru, here is a little common sense advice, if you’re buying $5 of whatever at a drive thru, please don’t give the girl at the window a $100 bill and expect her to be able to make change for you. It makes her very grumpy and she says mean things about you when the window is closed!  😦
  •  Rappongi socks are done.  Just to recap, these were Wendy D. Johnson’s Healthy Spine Sock pattern made using ShiBui Knits sock yarn in the Rappongi colorway.  The first one was made with Knitpicks metal circulars size 2.0, the second with the Harmony wooden circulars same size.  There is some weird color pooling in the legs, I don’t mind it at all, but I’ve never had yarn do that before.  Here are some photos:

Rappongi“>Rappongi Left“>Rappongi Right“>

  •  I’ve moved onto the Icicle socks.  I decided after much, much debate, to just make them plain no pattern.  I’ll share when they start to look like something.
  • I’m still working on Cara’s Poncho.  Right now it is a very long strip, but not quite long enough.  It’s too big to carry around so it is my work at home project.
  • I’m excited about the live Idol tonight.  But tomorrow, I won’t be able to watch until 10 p.m.  When you get up at 3:50 a.m., 10 is just too late.  Maybe I’ll DVR it.
  • Simon likes to crawl all over my desk while I’m blogging.  He just hopped on my new fancy printer that DHC got me for Christmas and accidently made a copy.  It was really funny, he’s so helpful that cat.
  • Gotta scoot to yoga.  Talk to you soon!

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Great recommendation. Is this product available at a local retailer to try out? Also, I do like the color way on the socks and how the color just kind of waters itself into the next.

Comment by Running Peanut

I got my massager at Target-au-lait. I’m not sure where you might be able to try it out, but you’re welcome to head to the north hinterlands any time for a test drive on mine.

Comment by Sally

Can you plug in the foot massager while standing in the drive thru? 😉

I like the socks – they are really pretty! I’m looking forward to seeing how the Icicle sock knits up – it’s such a pretty colorway.

Comment by Melissa

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