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February 14, 2008, 7:57 am
Filed under: American Idol, Holidays, Knitting, Nascar
  • You may have noticed that my posts lately have all had bullet points on them.  That is because everytime I type up a post, no matter how much space I put in between paragraphs, WordPress lumps it all together.  It makes it very difficult to read, so I go back and try to put more space and it lumps it again, then I get frustrated and just use the bullet points.  Any help or ideas from other WordPress users would be greatly appreciated.
  • On the knitting front, still working on Cara’s poncho and the second Rappongi sock.  I haven’t made much progress on either one, I had to make a detour and knock out another pair of Fetching mitts and a couple of dishcloths for my bosses at the coffee shop.  They both have birthdays tomorrow.  I’m a terrible blogger, because I didn’t take pictures of any of it.  I also wound up the Yarn Pirate Icicle yarn to start my next pair of socks.  Not that I’m anxious to get started or anything like that.
  • So last night AI (American Idol, I will be referring to it as AI) narrowed down to the top 24.  I feel like that the women are stronger than the men again this year.  Watch out for (and sorry I don’t really know their names all yet), the Irish girl, the girl who’s dad passed away a day before her 1st audition, the little Asian girl, and the lost voice girl.  From the guys, the only ones I can sort of remember are Daniel, the boy with the emo hair, the little 16 year old that had paralyzed vocal cords and the Aussie dude.  I’m really surprised that the kid that lived in his car didn’t get put through.  They spent an awful long time on him to cut him in the end.  And I’m glad they cut the kid from Oklahoma with the tie and the glasses.  He totally would have been this season’s Sanjaya and we wouldn’t have been able to get rid of him and his Josh Groban voice for anything.  Really surprised by what Simon said to him last night.  I would never have guessed that Simon would have been pulling so hard for him.  So next week we will see.  Oh and the rocker nurse is from Mulberry IN which DHC tells me is right by Frankfort.  So maybe I’ll root for her a little bit more than I would.  She needs to tone down her look a little bit.  
  • Today is the beginning of the Nascar season, the heat races to get a spot in the Daytona 500.  These are so exciting to watch because people will do pretty much anything to get into the 500.  The payout for the 43 spot is enough to keep a race team going for a few months.  I will of course be rooting for my guy Dale Jr.  But I must tell you, I’m not crazy about his new paint schemes for his cars.  I know they are his sponsors and the cars have to be certain colors, but man, in my opinion, they are UGLY!  And now he’s really hard to find on the track, unless he’s leading, which I expect him to be doing today and Sunday.  Could also be a big day for Hoosier Tony Stewart.  Watch out for those two.
  • And lastly, Happy Valentine’s Day to all.  I hope you get to spend the day with the people you love.

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The same smooshing of text thing has been happening to me, too! I have no idea why. I wonder if we should alert WP that there is a problem? Or ask if we did something? Let me know if you find something out.


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