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The Return of The Idol
January 16, 2008, 9:30 am
Filed under: American Idol, Knitting, Work

How excited were we all for the return of American Idol last night?  I am so desperate for something besides sports to watch.  I think if the tv producers knew the damage the writer’s strike is causing, they would be much more motivated to settle.  I thought last night’s show was good.  We had all the usual suspects.  I am almost finished with Mike B.’s flame socks.  I might get them done today.  Then next on my list is making some fingerless gloves called Fetching.  The pattern is from Knitty and Kay from made a bunch of them for Christmas gifts.  I’m hoping they will help keep my hands warm when I have to work in the drive thru.  It is soooooo cold, you just don’t have any idea!  So please be kind when you go through a drive thru is this kind of weather.  It might be someone like me in the window serving you, freezing my fingers off.


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Comment by running peanut

I bet it’s cold. Be careful this weekend. P.S.-I have some fingerless gloves that I bought at Selfridges about 12 years ago.

Comment by running peanut

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