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Catalog Calvacade
November 21, 2007, 1:04 pm
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We always get a lot of catalogs in the mail. Generally, I like this. But this time of year, it is really redonkulous! We get at least this many every day we get mail.
Daily Catalog Ration
It is madness, I can’t even read them all. I think in the new year I am going to look to get myself and Darling Husband Carl off of some of the catalog lists we have been on. You’ll remember I was trying the other day to get a photo of Simon hanging out in his favorite place, his tube. Yesterday, I had some success. Sorry about the slight red eye, it’s dark in the tube, probably why Simon likes it so.
Simon In His Tube
Now for all the crazy Oscar fans out there, I know you’re out there saying “What’s up with all the Simon photos? Sure he’s fluffy and all, but we want our Oscar!” Well, here you go, he was helping me when I was taking the catalog photo.
Oscar Wanting Attention
Oscar Super Close Up
There, hopefully that’s enough Oscar to satisfy you all. Now for just a few random updates. I am having 22 people for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, but I feel like I need to quantify, only 15 are adults, 7 are kids, and they never eat anything much anyways. We are acutally buying them a platter of chicken tenders. Very, very relieved that Helio made it to the finals of Dancing with the Semi Famous. I must say I am COMPLETELY over Marie Osmond! She is not a very good dancer and it is just wrong that she is in the finals over Jennie. Marie better not win or the show will lose it’s credibility, think Sanjaya people!!! If you’ve never voted before, please vote for our guy Helio! He’s good, he deserves to win. Tomorrow on BigSkyMind, things I’m grateful for. Now if you will excuse me, there is a turkey breast calling my name.


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I don’t normally get a lot of catalogues, at least not fun ones, so I usually like the little surge I get around the holidays. Even though all the wasted paper kind of makes me nervous.

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