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Two Days to Turkey Day
November 20, 2007, 11:03 am
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Darling Husband Carl and I are hosting his family for Thanksgiving this year. We finally came up with a count of people last night. 22. This is a major undertaking. I’m happy that his Mom doesn’t have to deal with all the stress. And actually, I feel confident that we have things pretty well under control. I’m off to the store for more provisions, so here is a quick knitting update photo for you.
Knitting Progress
Not too much getting done these days truth be told. I worked on the holiday dishcloth last night during Dancing with the Semi Famous. How bout our buddy Helio? Two, count ’em two, perfect scores! I don’t even have a guess on who’s going home tonight. Hopefully it’s Marie, but as everyone keeps reminding me, she does have the Mormon vote. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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I can’t believe that you have 22 people coming for Thanksgiving and you are so calm. I’m impressed. You don’t have to cook for them all by yourself do you?

All I “have” to do is make a pecan pie, but I think I’ll make a corn pudding, too, just so I can put a few pieces of bacon in it.

Comment by Troy

Leave out the bacon Troy. Ewwww.
Sals, I love your use of the word, provisions.

Comment by running peanut

I fortunately don’t have to do all the cooking. I’m in charge of Turkey, one store bought, one baking right now. dinner rolls, mashed potatoes 10 lbs. maybe more, and spinach gratin. Maybe a pecan, coconut, chocolate pie too. I feel calm because I haven’t been working and I have lots of time to get things done. It’s awesome, I highly recommend it!

Comment by bigskymind

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