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Do you have any UFOs at your house?
November 13, 2007, 8:28 am
Filed under: Knitting

I was listeneing to Lime and Violet yesterday morning and Miss Violet was talking about her office being where she kept all her UFOs. Well, they aren’t exactly the most traditional girls so I didn’t think it was wierd that she would collect Unidentified Flying Objects. As she continued to talk, I realized that wasn’t what she was talking about at all. UFO also stands for, if an FO is a Finished Object, you can see what a UFO is. I have a fair share of UFOs at my house these days, Argosy, Icarus, Rappongi, Ken’s Dishcloths. I also have a whole bunch of Holiday Dischloth Cotton I got on Sunday that hasn’t even been started yet. The pre-Christmas panic is about to set in. If you will excuse me, I’ve to to work on making some of my UFOs into FOs.


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UFOs= basement cleaning, guest bedroom redo, download Christmas CDs to i-Pod, dig up Canna bulbs, plant five bags of Daffodil and Crocus bulbs.

Comment by Troy

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