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Halloween Recap
November 1, 2007, 8:58 am
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I hope everyone had a great Halloween. We were very lucky in the office, we had a visit from the super adorable Reece, who dressed up as a monkey for his very first Halloween. Here are Reece and Dad playing with the excellent toy of a piece of copy paper.
<a href=”Jason and Reece“>
It was almost nap time and Reece was a little cranky when we took toys away from him to take his photo.
<a href=”Reece Halloween“>
Check out those teeth!
So we decided to give him his toy back and he happily sat in my lap for a few minutes.
<a href=”Sally and Reece“>
So glad my favorite monkey got to come for a visit. Special thanks to Nanny Kylie who brought him over.

We didn’t have that many trick or treaters last night. That means lots of Cheetos for the office.
Funniest trick or treater of the night was the little Devil maybe 2-3 years old who just decided he was going to come on into the house. I’m not sure if he thought it was his house or if he just wanted to pet Oscar. I was praying Oscar didn’t just hiss right at him. I was trying to corral him and get him turned around and headed back outside. It was probably a hilarious scene to see. We finally got him some Cheetos and headed back out into the night.

Tomorrow I promise some actual knitting content. One way or another!


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Reece is impossibly cute.

Comment by Runningpeanut

What a sweetie bear Reece is. You’re both cute in your animal outfits.

Our best outfit of the night was a little boy, probably 4 dressed in a lion costume that completely covered him up, and actually looked like a miniature lion. He didn’t speak english, but his mom helped him get out Trick or Treat.

Comment by Troy

Reese is a cutie! I love the costume!!

Comment by Melissa

All this time, I thought Reece was a mouse.

I would also like to add my thanks to the Nanny and hope she returns to the office very son.

Comment by RNR

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