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October 23, 2007, 10:56 am
Filed under: Television, Work

It feels like I am on a rollercoaster with my work life lately.  Some days like today are good and I feel relatively happy.  Other days like yesterday, I get so anxious before work that I was sick.  This is not a good situation and I’m realizing that even though there are days like today when everything is calm and productive that the other days are taking their toll on me emotionally (and now physically too).  I’m absolutely terrified of change, but I know that nothing ever stays the same, the only constant is change.  I’m not sure what the future holds for me.  I have yoga class tonight and I know that will be a gigantic help to me.  I missed last week due to the jeep being stolen.  Maybe I will be able to remember how to breathe and eventually relax a little bit.   I think that Mark Cuban should be voted off of “Dancing with the Semi-Famous” tonight.  I am worried about my Helio tho.  It wasn’t his best dance and I don’t know how many fans he has.  I’m afraid he might be in the bottom two.  Just what I need right now, another thing to worry about.


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Just do some self talk. Helio will be okay. I think he has a big fan base. Plus, he’s getting free air time on Entertainment Tonight and that helps. One bad dance don’t spoil the whole bunch girl.

Comment by David

I’m sorry you are so stressed – I go through times like that too. I hope lots of deep breathing at yoga helps you tonight and I think Helio is safe (from what I read).

Comment by Melissa

Hang in there. I’m struggling, too. Maybe once we transition into fall and we’re used to the dark and cold things will get easier. That’s what I tell myself anyway. I should go sit in front of my light box now.

Comment by Troy

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