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Weekend Update
October 21, 2007, 6:53 pm
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First things first, we are very, very, lucky. We got a phone call on Thursday night from IMPD that the red jeep was found abandoned. It was out of gas and the battery was dead. After we had it towed to the house, we found out that the headlights are messed up and the windshield wipers aren’t working properly, but for the most part, the jeep is fine. DHC and I really never thought we would see jeepy again and there it is sitting right back in our driveway where it belongs. The reason I haven’t given you all this update sooner is the fact that I have been out of town celebrating ISU homecoming with my sorority sisters, Georg and Suzanne. I have lots of photos! We all met up Friday night and of course headed out on the town. Here are the girls enjoying a beverage at the famous Ballyhoo Tavern. It was a major part of our college experience and we could not celebrate Homecoming without a visit.
Friday Night
Don’t they look happy? Check this out, this is breakfast the next morning.
Saturday Morning
We didn’t get carried away at all on Friday, so we were all bright and bushy tailed on Saturday morning. We went outside to check out the big homecoming parade. Lots of boat floats this year. Our sorority float consisted of a car on a flatbed trailer, a little disappointing.
Big Float
Homecoming Parade
Boats Were Popular Floats
Our Sorority Float
Car on a Float
After the parade, we wandered around campus for awhile, then headed down to the stadium for tailgating activities. Here is a photo of the band getting ready to get the crowd all fired up for the game.
ISU Band Getting Ready
We found our school mascot Sycamore Sam and he graciously agreed to pose with us for a photo.
Us and Sycamore Sam
We are not completely sure what sort of animal Sam is supposed to be. We think after many years of study, he is a fox, but there is some thought that he could be a blue squirrel. Any thoughts readers? Eventually, the fantastic tailgating came to an end and thanks to Suzanne and all her connections, we had tickets to the game. Now I have been harrassed in the past for not actually going into the football game. I have photographic evidence that we did go in.
Football Game
Football Game 2
There is a good reason why we have avoided the games in the past. Our football team is the worst in all of college football. Seriously. By halftime the score was 42-0. Final score this weekend was 56-7. We were amazed that they scored at all. If I have my figures correct, we’ve won 1 football game in the last 3 seasons. At least the weather was perfect. Warm and sunny, so we didn’t mind sitting and watching the massacre for awhile. I should also note that we got to stay at a fantastic brand new hotel, they were still hanging pictures and exit signs while we were there. It was so nice, we weren’t quite sure we were in the right city. It was so centrally located, we walked everywhere except to the game it’s self.

I got no knitting done at all, but had such a great time, which I desperately needed, that I don’t care at all. I hope everyone had a great weekend as well.


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First of all, good news about the Jeep.

Second, I love friend reunions! So fun. Looks like you had a great time.

I vote for fox. If Sam is a squirrel that may explain why your team doesn’t win very often.

Comment by Troy

Good news about getting your Jeep back!

Looks like a fantastic time with your friends. I too vote, fox. 🙂

Comment by Melissa

Foxy. I see Mini P outside. Gimme a brake update. You three ladies are rockin’ the sunglasses. I’m surprised ISU keeps their football program. I must say though, a good lookin’ football player does wonders for a campus.

Comment by running peanut

Were you the oldest people at Homecoming?

Comment by RNR

Surprisingly we weren’t.

Comment by bigskymind

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