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Be Very Careful What You Wish For
October 17, 2007, 10:10 am
Filed under: Automobiles

So yesterday my post was all about how nothing was going on and I had nothing to blog about.  Then we go out for lunch and poof, my jeep is missing from the office parking lot.  Stolen!  Gone!  Our parking lot is not huge by any stretch.  It was a very bold move.  Stolen right between 11:30 – 1 p.m. yesterday.  I’m trying hard to keep good perspective, I could have been in the jeep.  It wasn’t my darling MINI Pearl.  Of all our vehicles the jeep, aka jeepy, or the hoopty was our oldest and least valuable.  It was a 1993.  Who knew until I looked online yesterday afternoon that 1993 jeep cherokees are in the top 10 most stolen vehicles?  My yoga bag was in there, so no yoga mat, eye pillow, cd’s for class, all gone.  My favorite yoga pants!  Still thankful, could have been so much worse.  We’ll get something else and move on, but dang!


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Oh my gosh! I was just going to post that I’m loving Pushing Daisies too and that I haven’t had much to blog about…

This is crazy – I can’t believe someone stole your car. How awful!

Comment by Melissa

It’s still pretty surreal. I don’t know if I was so calm from all of my yoga practice, or if I was in complete shock. Still not sure…

Comment by Sally

This s— is bananas! Are you serious? I’ve never known anyone who had their car stolen. And from your office parking lot in midday?

Comment by Troy

I wouldn’t have taken that Jeep if I knew what kind of crappy music was in it.

Comment by Red Jeep Driver

That last comment was totally by RNR. It’s his style. I CANNOT believe this. I mean, seriously, CANNOT. It is so freaky to think that there are thieves passing by in our parking lot. I am so sorry. It is creepy isn’t it? Why ’93 Jeeps? And they were brave weren’t they. The cars are so close to the building. I am totally freaking. I hope MINI Pearl can get her pink shoes soon.

Comment by RunningPeanut

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