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I Made A Decision
October 5, 2007, 12:41 pm
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I followed Melissa’s advice and looked on Ravelry to try to find a pattern or information about my sock/heel dilemna, but no luck.  So I decided that I would just restart them over with the 57 sts.  So I’m pretty much back to the point where I started.  I am loving my ShiBui Knits yarn.  The colors are awesome!  Monday I’ll get you some photos, it’s just a boring looking toe right now.  I didn’t want to do a pattern with this yarn, and I’m glad I’m not, sometimes you just have to let the beautiful colorwork stand on it’s own.

I feel like the storm that has been raging at my office the past few weeks is finally dying down.  I’m glad, I don’t like discord, I’m very much a girl of order and normalcy. 

This is a big NASCAR racing weekend, it’s Talledega time again.  They will be driving a new car called the COT or Car of Tomorrow.  It’s the first time that they have driven these cars on one of the big super fast tracks.  The race is going to be both nerve wracking and very exciting.  That’s my big plan for the weekend, what’s yours? 


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Circle City Classic and all the wonder that comes with it. That’s my plan. Plus, this is the one year anniversary of the Chocolate Cake Off…I’ll avoid that this year. Even if I wanted to do it again, Nuthin But Noodles has closed down…it just wouldn’t be the same anywhere else.

Comment by running peanut

You should call Mike B. to remind him.

Comment by bigskymind

Too late to post my plans? All of the sudden after months of not finding anyone to paint our master bath and bedroom closet, I found a guy but he had to do it Saturday! So I rushed home to sort bags (7) of goodwill clothes and other junk. All is back to normal except now John and I have to design a new closet. We took all of the racks down (builder cheapies) and are starting from scratch.

Comment by Troy

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