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What to Do, What to Do?
October 4, 2007, 9:31 am
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I have started my Rappongi socks toe up with 60 sts.  I would like to do a slip stitch heel; however, I can not for the life of me find a toe up pattern that has a slip stitch heel with 60 sts.  I have found them for 57, 64, 65, etc…  I am terrible with math and am too afraid to try to calculate the difference in the stitches to do the heel with 60.  So now I need to decide if I want to go ahead and increase the number of stitches to 64.  If I choose this option, I will probably incorporate some sort of pattern because I think a plain 64 stitch sock would be a little baggy.  Or I could start over and knit the sock top down with the 60 sts.  I can do a slip stitch heel this way with no problem.  If I choose this option, I would need to decide right away what I’m going to do with the cuff of the sock.  I was thinking of doing a picot edging, I’m not exactly sure how that would work top down.  Or I could just stick with my 60 sts I have started and just do a short row heel instead of a slip stitch.  I really don’t have any particular idea I’m leaning towards.  Any thoughts knitters?

Last night we watched the premiere of “Pushing Daisies”.  I have to say that both Darling Husband Carl and I enjoyed it.  It was funny and odd.  The show got a really good review from the New York Times.  I wonder tho, how they are going to be able to sustain this show if it becomes a hit?   I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. 


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Math is most definitely no my forte. Maybe someone on Ravelry could help? I think there is a pattern forum.

I meant to watch Pushing Daisies, but forgot. Maybe I can find the episode online and watch it at work.

Comment by Melissa

I agree. Starting top down with a picot edging would be tricky. That always trips me up too. I say use a dpn 67 needle and do a 64 heel no pattern.

Comment by running peanut

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