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Monday, Monday
October 1, 2007, 3:50 pm
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I was true to my word. I did knit a lot this past weekend. I almost got Darling Husband Carl’s second Bamboo Banga sock completed. And I actually have a photo to share with you.
Trust me that there isn’t much yarn left there. Maybe I will finish while watching “Dancing with the Semi-Famous” tonight. I’m very excited to be finished with these socks. They just have not thrilled me. I’m debating what I should do next. I have a couple of patterns in mind, or I might just pick one of my goregous skeins out of my stash and just make a plain sock to highlight the colors. I also worked a little on the Argosy blanket. I think that I’m going to start working on it when I am home. It is getting big, much to big to lug around with me. But it goes really fast and it doesn’t take too much concentration now that I understand the pattern.
I’ve been slowly entering my stash into Ravelry. I took a bunch of photos of my yarn this morning.  Doing this has made me realize I do have a lot of yarn.  But I love it all.  It has also made me realize that I’m a pretty bad photographer.  Here is a photo I took this morning of some Claudia’s Handpainted.  I didn’t even notice Simon’s big ol’ back paw in the photo.  That’s what happens when you are taking pictures at 6:15 a.m.
Claudia's Handpainted“>


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I think Simon is saying that he wants a sock 🙂

Comment by Melissa

You think he likes the leopard colorway?

Comment by Sally

I think you should post on GoodHome about your purse hooks.

Comment by running peanut

Did I miss the post about purse hooks?

Comment by Troy

I was telling D about a hook for my purse that DHC installed under our island. I saw it in Real Simple magazine. It is very handy.

Comment by Sally

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