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September 25, 2007, 9:57 am
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So late last week I posted about how I was going to stop buying yarn.  Here I am posting about new yarn.  Huh?  Well, it is my Zen String sock club yarn for September.  I had already enrolled in Zen String and Yarn Pirate sock yarn clubs for the next few months. The color is called Reflection and it is really beautiful.  It is Serendipity fingering weight.
Zen String Reflections“>
Not exactly the first thing that I think of when I think of September, but I really like it all the same.
I finally got my invite to join Ravelry this past weekend, I’m sacamax if anyone cares. Best that I can figure out, Ravelry is like MySpace for Knitters and Crafters. I haven’t done anything with it yet, because I can’t figure out how to get my photos from Flickr into Ravelry. Any tips would be appreciated. I also had a little MacBook issue when I tried to upload the yarn photo to Flickr. I will have to investigate that a little further, I could even do that with my old squaky laptop.
I’ve decided that I do really like “The Reminder” by Feist. It is one of those things you need to listen to a few times and then it grows on you.
So I told everyone to watch Dancing with the Semi-Famous, and Helio didn’t even dance last night. He will be dancing tonight tho. Out of last night’s ladies, I liked Mel B. aka Scary Spice, something about her, she’s sassy. D liked Jane Seymour, he thought she was classy. Tonight the guys dance, poor Cheryl Burke, she’s paired with Wayne Newton.
If my posts have been really blah lately, I apologize. Normally I don’t talk at all about my work, it’s just not that interesting. But the past week has been extremely stressful and I’m afraid it’s taking it’s toll on my inspiration. Rest assured, I’m trying hard to find my happy place and soon my blogs will be filled with silliness and mirth once again. I keep thinking about the words of the great Bob Marley “Don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing’s gonna be alright”.


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I like the yarn, but you are right – it isn’t very fall like.

I’m sorry it’s so stressful at work – that’s no fun. I hope things get better. That sort of thing can be very draining.

I’ll help you with your Ravelry pics. Where are you running in to trouble? It basically is like a drag and drop from flickr to ravelry at the bottom of your ravelry page…

Comment by Melissa

Thanks for the tip, after I got in and messed around a little, I got it. I can totally see how Ravelry is going to suck up all my time.

Comment by Sally

Glad you got it. Definitely a time sucker. It eventually evens out and you end up with a life outside of Ravelry again 🙂

Comment by Melissa

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