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Current Stash Appreciation
September 21, 2007, 10:20 am
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I agree with Troy, I too hate the word diet for anything. So I will think of the next few months as stash appreciation season. Where I appreciate the stash that I currently have and try not to add any more to it. Here is a little view of my overflow bag of sock yarn.
Stash Overflow Bag“>
Isn’t is just beautiful? It’s like a bag stuffed with candy. I just need to look at it more often. Speaking of yarn, I realized that I’ve been so crazy with computer stuff this week that I didn’t even show you my last yarn buying hurrah if you will. So without further ado, here is the Wollmeise, the color is Rittersporn. WollmeiseRittersporn“>
It is hard to photograph this yarn, the colors are sooo intense! You might remember that I was trying to get something Colt’s blue. This yarn has some purple in it, but it is for the most part, very, very blue. I got Yarn Nerd in the colorway Ting!
Yarn Nerd Ting!“>
This is a very muted, masculine, yarn. I really like it, it’s not so girly as everything else I’ve been buying lately. Speaking of girly, my new Zen String is just that.
Zen String Tramanto“>
It’s called Tramanto, and it is so me I can’t stand it. It is her Bambewe yarn which is a bamboo blend. It is shiny and so yummy! I also got my Yarn Pirate Booty Club yarn for September. (ADD Moment: Where has September disappeared to? This month has flown by.) It is called Butternut, and I love it!
Yarn Pirate Butternut“>
This yarn alone is enough to keep me busy till the holidays, not to mention all the other projects I’ve got going on.

I had a disheartening bit of news at spinning class last night.  I’ve been spinning, and spinning, and spinning and when I got some of it plied last night, my instructor Kate told me I have about 36 yards.  That is not even close to the yardage I’m going to need for the project that I had in mind.  This is what is soooo frustrating to me about spinning.  You spend all this time and do all this work and then you don’t even have enough yarn at the end to do anything with.  Sigh.  I’m not giving up, I’ll just have to reformulate my grand plans.

Today is our annual “Golden Lunch”.  To celebrate the coming of fall we go to Boston Market and order only golden colored foods.  Nothing green today.  Yes, we are a bunch of weird dorks.

I hope everyone has a wonderful, relaxing, fun weekend.


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Enjoy your golden foods!

All of the yarn is absolutely beautiful. The Wollmeise is stunning – the color is amazing.

Comment by Melissa

Your first picture made me laugh — my new Loopy Ewe bag (you must have hit that sixth order mark, too!) is also full of my sock yarn overflow stash, and I’ve been thinking of taking basically the same picture for my blog. 🙂

What gorgeous yarns you’ve gotten lately! I love all of them!

Comment by Sarah

Oh yeah, she’s got a yarn advisory council.

Comment by running peanut

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