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Three Things
September 12, 2007, 9:00 am
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I still haven’t quite got my blogging mojo back just yet, so I’m going to steal another idea from Sheri at The Loopy Ewe and do a post of three things. 

Three Current Knitting Projects:

1.  Darling Husband Carl’s Socks – Which I have decided I will call “Bamboo Bangas” after a song by M.I.A. (more about her later).

2.  Argosy Blanket – This project has been getting most of my attention lately.  I worked on it exclusively this weekend and it is starting to get really big.  The Blue Sky Alpaca cotton is lovely to knit with and so soft, I think it’s going to turn out awesome!

3.  Dishcloths – D told me that his Darling Ken would like to switch to exclusively handknit dishcloths.  So I will be making 5-6 more of them for them to use.  I like making these and they really don’t take any time at all.  An excellent distraction project.

Three Albums:

ADD Moment:  Albums, who uses that word anymore?  And what do you call them, CD’s, downloads, I don’t know the answer.  Do you?

1.  Kala by M.I.A. – Sri Lankian rapper, very world music.  I like it, but I realize it wouldn’t be for everyone.  Even I can’t really listen to it until the afternoon, it’s a little much first thing in the a.m.  “Bamboo Banga” is the first track.  I seem to think of that everytime I work on Darling Husband Carl’s socks, so that is why I named them that.

2.  The Globe Sessions by Sheryl Crow – I have this weird thing where certain months/seasons remind me of certain artists.  Fall for me is all about Sheryl Crow.  This to me is her best work.  I just love it this time of year.

3.  The Police (2 CD set) by The Police – The Police are one of my favorite bands ever.  I had forgotten how much I like some of the songs off of Syncronicity until I broke down (damn you Starbucks!) and bought this set.  My absolute favorite song is “Bring on the Night”.

Three TV Shows:

1.  The Office – CAN NOT WAIT until the big premiere on September 27th!

2.  LA Ink – Everyone has gotten on board with Kat Von D and her crew.  Even Darling Husband Carl said he likes it. 

3.  Flight of the Conchords – Okay I know it’s already over, but if you watched it, you know how highlarious it was.  Try to catch an episode if you can, laugh out loud funny.

Three New Yarns:

1.  Wollmeise – I can’t believe I was able to score some more of this very exclusive yarn from Germany.

2.  Yarn Nerd – Can’t wait to see what this is like.  Very excited about it.  Perfect name for a yarn for me.

3.  Zen String Bambewe – The color I got is Tramanto.  So beautiful, so my colors.

Three Awesome Things About September:

1.  Sweaters

2.  Hand Knitted Socks

3.  Football in High Def

So do you have Three Things that you want to share?


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I heard about M.I.A. recently…I liked the little snippet they played.

I’m a little jealous about the Wollmeise. Yarn Nerd has been featured on Ravelry lately (speaking of which, when are you going to be on Ravelry?)

Comment by Melissa

I was a little late to jump on the Ravelry bandwagon so there are 4067 people still ahead of me. I will be there someday, sigh. The Wollmeise is craziness, the color I got is Colts blue. I’ll post pictures when I get it. You can get some Yarn Nerd from Adam’s website He is a friend of Georgia, the Yarn Pirate. I just saw his photos on Flickr and fell in love with that Ting color.

Comment by bigskymind

Three fall things – eating dinner out on the front porch again, purple asters that look great against the gold green fall grass at sunset, thinking about fall dinner parties with candle light. Okay a four – I also like cool, overcast days (only really love these in fall).

Comment by Troy

“Fourth” I mean.

Comment by Troy

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