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I’ve Been A Bad, Bad Girl
August 27, 2007, 10:11 am
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Blue Sky Cotton“>
LYS Score“>
With props to Fiona Apple, I went a little bit crazy at my LYS this weekend. I went in to pick up a book they had ordered for me “Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles” by Cat Borhdi. When I originally went in to buy it, I hadn’t made any socks on circular needles, I’m now on pair #3, but oh well.  I’m sure I’ll get some good information out of it and there is a cute pattern for socks with cats on it. When I arrived at the store, lo and behold, they are having a big sale! They also have my new sock yarn quest in stock. It’s called Austermann Step and it has Aloe and jojoba oil in the yarn. Their color selection wasn’t fantastic, but I found some I could work with.
Austermann Step“>
They also have the Blue Sky Cotton in the color Darling Husband Carl had chosen for his throw.
Blue Sky Close Up“>
I’m making an Argosy blanket. The pattern I have is for a baby blanket and it calls for 6 skeins, so I bought 10. Hope it’s enough.
I also bought some Regia sock yarn that was on clearance. I know they look similar, one is all grey and one has some blue in it. They were 40% off people!!
Regia Sock Yarn“>
I also bought some cream yarn to make a pirate hat. I had the black already.
Maybe the most important thing I bought is the one thing I don’t have any photos of, I bought an umbrella swift. I’ve had a ball winder for about a year now, but Darling Husband Carl was getting very tired of holding the skeins while I wound them up. Tomorrow I’ll have pictures for you of the whole yarn winding production area.

Now a little housekeeping. Tangy Cabletini #2 has a heel, and I’m working up the leg. Yawn. My iBook is still at the Apple store, they never called me to tell me it’s done (Am I surprised by this?  Not really). I guess I’m still a pledge in the cool people’s club. And I started Carl’s Argosy blanket last night I’ll get you some pictures of that tonight too.


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Oh my gosh – you are one lucky girl! Those are some great stash additions!!

Comment by Melissa

That yarn with the blue in it would be perfect for some Colts socks.

Comment by running peanut

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