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Fingers Crossed
August 24, 2007, 9:46 am
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Let me tell you all about my trip to the Apple Store yesterday. As you know, I had a 5:30 appointment at the “genius bar”. The instructions tell you to be there at 5:25. Well, with traffic, let’s just say I was there before 5:30. I walk up to the “genius bar”. There is a guy helping a customer. I can tell they are finishing up their transaction, so I just stand there and wait. Hey, there’s my name on the big screen, next up in line to be helped. One of the twelve Apple associates milling around comes up to me and says “Do you have an appointment?” “Why yes, I do, 5:30” “Okay, well they will be right with you, you can shop around” But I don’t want to shop around, I just want my appointment. Customer leaves, so I think it must be my turn to be waited on. Apple Genius #2 comes up and starts working on computer, making sure not to make eye contact with me. Some girl walks right up in front of me and asks Apple Genius #1 (who seems to know her) if her computer is ready. So he goes to the back to check. Meanwhile, a second Apple associate comes up to me “Do you have an appointment?” “Why yes, I do, I’m right up there on the big screen, next to be helped”. “Okay, they’ll be right with you, it’ll be just a couple of minutes”. Genius #1 comes back with computer, but customer girl can’t take it with her right then, she’s going to do some shopping in the mall. “No problem” says Genius #1 “I’ll just put it back here until you’re done doing your shopping”. Genius #2 still working on computer, still avoiding me like I’ve got the ebola virus. A third Apple associate comes up to me, “Do you have an appointment?” “Why yes, 5:30” (it’s now 5:35 by the way) “Okay, they’ll be right with you, should just be a couple of minutes. You can shop around until they are ready for you.” I don’t WANT to shop around, just wait on me!!!!! So Genius #1 goes up to a laptop, calls out a few random names to make sure there isn’t anyone else in the store he can help before me, then finally calls out my name. It is now 5:37. Don’t tell me to be there 5 minutes early and then make me wait for 7 minutes. You KNOW I have a serious thing about time. And people wonder why I have Apple store issues?!?! So once I finally get to talk to Genius #1 a.k.a. Lawerence, I tell him my computer is buzzing and running really slowly and I think it’s just a fan. He and Genius #2 start shaking their heads and start mumbling about hard drives, sending it away 7-10 days. Lawrence tells me it will be $290. Then he wants to know how old the computer is, I really didn’t know, so he popped up the keyboard to see. 2003, which makes it only 4 years old so they can still repair it. I guess if it’s over 5 years old, just forget about it in the Apple world.  Both geniuses compliment me on how clean it is under my keyboard, no cat hair (!), human hair, or Dorito bits under there. I tell them that is kind of surprising, because of the boys. Lawerence turns little iBook on and starts to look around. They see the picture of the boys on my desktop,  we had a little pet bonding moment, then something miraculous happened. Lawerence started checking things and tells me he thinks I can get my computer back up to speed again if I have them do a “tune up” and get additional memory. So he sells me a Pro Care membership. For $100. I get a “tune up” and now I get “priority service”. I can just come in and sashay up to the ol’ Genius Bar and get waited on right away. So now I guess I’ve got a membership card into the cool people’s club and I can get waited on at the Apple Store now. And fingers crossed, my little iBook will be all better and ready to go sometime this weekend. Here is my ultra cool membership card.
ProCare Card“>
I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


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Delta Gamma’s got nothin’ on the ProCare Membership. Clubs…they’re for belonging, and girl, you’re in big time. You are so cool. I mean, you were cool before and all, but now you’re really cool.

Comment by David

I wish I’d pledged when I had to get my PowerBook fixed, but they didn’t rush me. I’m such a loser.

Comment by Troy

I have a thing about time too – but at least you are cool now because you have a membership!

Comment by Melissa

procare is nice…

Comment by applestore

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