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The IBook Blues
August 22, 2007, 3:34 pm
Filed under: Technology

I’ve got a bad case of the iBook blues. My little iBook is sick. The good news is I’ve got all of my pictures and my iTunes copied onto my external hard drive. The ironic bad news is this seems to be what caused my iBook to get sick. We (Mike B.and I) think maybe it’s just the fan that is broken. I was just going to pop over to the Apple store after work and see how much they would charge to look at it. It’s a really good thing that Apple’s products are amazing, because their customer service is just not to be believed. Not only do I have to make an appointment to see someone at their “genius bar”, but I have to do it online. They are very sorry they are unable to make reservations over the phone. If my computer is broken, how do I make an online reservation?!?!?! I have had many, many frustrating experiences at my local Apple store and I am loathe to go in there. I also found out that to just look at a laptop of any kind at Comp USA aka Geekworld is $139.99. I was hoping not to spend over $200. total. So tomorrow night I’m going to swallow my pride and take my antique iBook to the Apple store so they can laugh and sneer at me, tell me my hard drive is toast and then give me the honor of buying a new computer from them. Yeah, I’ve got a bad case of the iBook Blues…


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The Apple store can be a challenging environment. So many cool toys + so many iJerks & iSnobs = very confusing aura. Just remember, you are many, many strata of cool above the iDorks you’ll encounter. As a friendly enabler, if iBook is really sick, a new MacBook would quickly cure the iBook blues, and would be a nice accessory to iPhone 😉

Comment by Mike iB

iDon’t understand all this computer talk.

Comment by David

I agree with Mike B., and I totally concur that the Genius Bar blows. The good news is that their turn around time is speedy! If you have to get it fixed, you’ll get it mailed back to you in no time.

Comment by Troy

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