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August 20, 2007, 12:46 pm
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Warning:  Below the State Fair stuff there is Booty Club Spoiler.  Don’t scroll down if you don’t want to see!!! 

I made a special trip back to the fair on Saturday to catch the illamas. We saw lots of illamas and alpacas, but I don’t think we saw the mini illamas. Truth be told, I’m not sure I could tell the difference between an alpaca and a mini illama. Before we get to the illama photos I saw something in the Our Land Pavillion I’ve never seen before, yes it’s Egg On A Stick!
Egg on a Stick!!“>
Something about the guy with the big plastic bag full of hard boiled eggs, it just didn’t seem that appealing to any of us. We also saw the ginormus pumpkins. The winner was from Illinois, something about that just doesn’t strike right with me. They should be Indiana pumpkins. Call me a purist.
Ginormus Pumpkins“>
After we made the rounds, we located the illamas. This was the first one I saw.
Illama Resting“>
I guess it was worn out from all the excitement. There were light colored illamas.
Illamas at the Fair“>
And dark illamas.
Illama Close Up“>
But the thing that really caught everyone’s imagination was the illama obstacle course. Some of the illamas were willing participants, some were NOT!!
Here is a little photo montage of how it worked.
Out of the Gate“>
Illama Course“>
Illama Obstacle Course“>
It was great fun to watch!

When I got home my Booty Club Package had arrived. This month’s color is called Calamity. It feels a little thicker than normal.
Calamity Close Up“>
I really like it, but of course Simon had to give it his sniff of approval.
Simon Sniffing the Calamity“>
I worked on the Tangy Cabletini this weekend. At one point Saturday night, I really didn’t like this style heel AT ALL. Then, Sunday morning when I was working the heel flap, I started to like it much better. Oh and the 66 sts would probably have worked, they are a little tight. Silly me! Here is where I am I am with them.
Tangy Cabletini Side“>
Tangy Cabletini Front“>

If I am very productive tonight, I might get the first one done.


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Wow. This post is photorific! Looks like a busy, productive weekend.

Comment by running peanut

I somehow missed the egg on a stick during our visit. I don’t think I mind.

The socks are looking wonderful – I love the color and pattern!!

I’m also jealous as usual of your booty. I wanna be in a yarn club!!

Comment by Melissa

I wonder how it occurred to anyone to create a llama obstacle course?

Comment by Troy

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