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I’m Cute Too…
August 17, 2007, 9:02 am
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This morning Oscar had heard enough of all the cute comments that Simon got for yesterday’s post.  He wanted to make sure and let everyone know that he too, is a cutie.
I'm Cute Too“>
Special thanks to Superphotographer Mike B. for giving me the heads up on how to take close up photos without them being blurry. Here is a close up of the Tangy Cabletini.
Tangy Cabletini“>
I got a fair amount done last night while watching the finale of “So You Think You Can Dance”. I realize that I haven’t talked about the show that much, but I have been watching and it has been a BIG topic of conversation at the office. We are reality tv junkies and this is one of our favorites. I was really glad that Sabra won. I think she was the most talented and consistent dancer of the season. My personal favorite was Neil, but I knew he wouldn’t win. So congrats to Sabra.
I hope that everyone has a fantastic weekend.


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I too am glad that Sabra won. I was pulling for her the whole time. I liked Lacy, Danny and Neil too but I think Sabra was the very essence of what the show is about.

Comment by David

Yes Oscar, you are definitely very cute too! Who could resist a face like that? And personally I wanted Lacey to win and when she was eliminated first I started to cheer for any one but Sabre. *sigh* No one I want ever wins the reality shows.

Comment by Jenna

I loved all of the people in the final four, but I was SO happy Sabra won. She was just such a trooper, had a great attitude and is such a natural talent.

My hat’s off to SYTYCD as a show. It is so honest and sincere. I’m sure like all reality shows it has its share of produced shenanigans, but you couldn’t watch the finale and not be shocked by how much talent was running around on that stage.

Comment by Troy

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