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Don’t Wear Overalls to the Mall Pt. 2
August 14, 2007, 9:35 am
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When we left off, D and I had just finished our tour of the Ag/Hort building. Then we cruised across the front of the Midway to the Home and Family Arts building. This is as close as I get to the Midway. It’s just not for me.
As Close As I Get to the Midway“>
I would guess we spent at least 2 hours pouring over all of the exhibits in Home and Family Arts.  It’s where they have the knitting and the hand spun yarn.  While we were there, they had a fashion show going on. Being the fashionistas that we are, D and I were all over this. The lady modeling had the most unhappy look on her face I have ever seen. It was like she swallowed a lemon or something.
Unhappy Fashion Model“>
Maybe she was trying to affect that New York Fashion model look. She really would have been better off smiling. Then we headed downstairs. We looked at all of the amazing children’s artwork, which is my favorite kind, then we cruised over to the baked goods. Pie judging was going on, I want to know how you get that gig.
Pie Judging“>
I know you’re probably not going to believe it, but these are petit fours, little cakes!
These are Petit Fours!“>
Simply amazing!
We made our way upstairs to look at all the artwork. Just a reminder that this is the year of corn.
It's the Year of Corn“>
After we exhausted Home and Family Arts, we got some corn on the cob, then headed off to see the animals. First up, sheep barn.
Happy Sheepy“>
Or, my dealers as D likes to say. Here is a funny girl who hadn’t had her trip to the salon yet.
Woolly Bully“>
How much sock yarn would that make??? They were doing Ewe judging while we were there.
Loved this little girl’s pink boots and she had some fierce show hair.
Ewe Competition“>
Loved her Pink Cowgirl Boots“>
Sheep Showing“>
D fit right in, with his pearl snap button shirt. Then we headed down to the Swine Barn for a look at all the big pigs. And some cute baby pigs too! This is why I eat Turkey Bacon.
Hungry Babes“>
We were hot and tired at this point, but I told D I had never been to the Poultry/Rabbit building. So we hiked it all the way back up to check out the beautiful bunnies. Be careful of the bunnies, one of them had a big sign on it’s cage that said it bites! We saw big bunnies.
Big Bunny“>
And little bitty bunnies.
Shy Bunny“>
The chickens also came in all sizes, but I was a little afraid of them to be honest. We split an order of deep fried chocolate covered strawberries, they were good, and then headed on our way. I’m pretty sure we spent at least 5 hours at the fair, and we didn’t even see half of it! I can’t wait to go again this weekend!
If you’ve come to this blog to see knitting, I did do some of that on Sunday. I worked on Icarus. I finished chart 3. One more chart, border and I’m finished! Here are some update photos for you.
Icarus Chart 3 Done“>
Close Up of Icarus“>
I also finished the first little sock for Reece.
Baby Reece Sock“>
All in all, a pretty busy productive weekend.


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Whew! What a trip!

Comment by running peanut

Forget to tell you…love the photos.

Comment by running peanut

My favorite is the look on the little girl’s face. She is soooo over her sheep at that point, that great show hair is completely going to waste. And the shy bunny.

Comment by bigskymind

You’re surely not going to wear those nasty overalls this coming weekend again.

Comment by Fat Lady at the Mall

I wasn’t planning on it, but now that you mention it, I just might!!

Comment by bigskymind

I want one of those cakes!! I wish we could buy them. When are you going this weekend. I want to go back again too. Maybe we could meet up for a treat. I would like to try a Pineapple Whip.

Comment by Troy

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