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Don’t Wear Overalls to the Mall Pt. 1
August 13, 2007, 12:17 pm
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I apologize in advance, this is going to be a picture heavy post.  You know it’s going to be a different kind of weekend when on Friday afternoon, you find this going out right outside your office door.
Some guy ran up to our door, almost opened it, then suddenly turned and ran back across the parking lot. Very shortly after that he was apprehended and placed in handcuffs. We still don’t know what he was arrested for, but it was a very dramatic end to the work week.

On Saturday, D and I were headed to the fair, but first we needed to make a quick trip to the Mall to pick up a few things. So we are happy as clams, making our way down the mall, when a woman stops us and says “Excuse me, I just have to tell you, those overalls aren’t flattering on you at all”. I was so shocked by what she said all I could manage was “okay, thank you”. Yes, thank you for completely insulting me! I don’t know why my outfit was so offensive to her that she felt she had to stop and tell me about it. Anyways, we finished our shopping and headed out to the fair. Here is the outfit in question in the enviroment it was intended for.
First stop for me was grilled cheese at the Dariy Barn. D and I split an order of the corn hush puppies. They were reaaally good. Then we headed into the Our Land Pavillion, for what has become one of our favorite attractions at the fair, the giant cheese sculpture. This year’s theme was the Indianapolis 500.
That’s 1360 pounds of cheddar. The milk bottles are white cheddar.
This is the little prototype. The model for the driver was Dan Wheldon. It is really something to see.
From there we headed into the Ag/Hort building. There we met the 2007 Honey Princess Marissa.
She was super friendly and sold us lots of honey products. She also had us tasting all different kinds of honey, some from D’s hometown of Danville. They were the best of course. After spending time with the honey princess, we made our way over to check out all the veggies and flowers.
While we were in the Our Land Pavillion and Ag/Hort we decided it must have been Femullet day at the fair. I got a blurry photo of the best of the bunch.
Coming in tomorrow’s Pt. 2, Home and Family Arts and the Animals!!


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Excellent mullet hunt!!! I enjoy how the foreground newbie fe-mullet is admiring the blue ribbon winning fe-mullet in the background. Is it just me, or is the 2007 Honey Princess totally high?

Comment by Mike B

Speaking for Sally, the honey princess was not high. She was precious. To place your cheese sculpture order for your next big event i.e. wedding, bar mitzvah, contact Susan Kauffman at the Fair before this Sunday. Then’s she off to another fair…or to milk some more cows. It was a totally fun day and we did not let big cow woman at the mall slow us down.

Comment by Runningpeanut

There’s not a woman in Indy hot enough to tell you what not to wear, Sally. It doesn’t matter that she did not understand the appropriateness of your outfit for another context, there is NEVER an excuse for that kind of rudeness. I’m sorry I wasn’t there. I’m sure I wouldn’t have had to look far to find something ugly besides her mouth that I could have brought to her attention.

Comment by Troy

Okay, I realized that I just contradicted myself in terms of there never being an excuse for telling a stranger what not to wear. Turns out there is only one.

Oh, and those flowers are beautiful. Did they have new arrangements besides the ones I saw last Wednesday?

Comment by Troy

What a ridiculous woman. I’m glad you didn’t let her ruin your fun day.

Comment by sprite


Comment by ROG

I think that woman is wrong. I think you look just fine in overalls. If you like wearing them, keep wearing them!

Comment by Jillian

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