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Have I Mentioned That My Husband Is A Genius?
August 9, 2007, 9:13 am
Filed under: Knitting, Technology

Yesterday you may recall that my world was turned upside down by my DSL light blinking an ugly red light at me. So last night I get home and much to my surprise, my DSL light was a beautiful green. When Darling Husband Carl got home, he very casually mentioned to me “Oh by the way, I fixed your computer”. It seems when he went to make a phone call yesterday, he discovered our phones were not working either. So he promptly went outside and checked our box and our line outside was unplugged. He plugged it back in and voila, everything was working again. It is still a mystery to us how the line got unplugged. DHC suspects vandals. All I know is, I am oh so happy my computer is working again. I would NEVER have even thought to look outside. He is so smart that husband of mine.

So I started Reece’s socks yesterday, and last night I realized that I am not quite ready to try to interpret patterns for my own needs.  I tried to make it from the toes up making a backwards gusset.  I didn’t know how many stitches to increase, and I think I did too many, it was getting to be a really long skinny foot.  Then when I tried to turn the heel, somehow the heel ended up going in the wrong direction, like up the leg.  Here are some photos of my mess.
Baby Sock
Close Up of Backwards Heel 2
You will notice that there aren’t any needles in these photos. Right after they were taken, the whole sock was ripped out and I will start again today. I actually started again last night, but my ball of yarn fell completely apart this morning, so I decided to tear it out, again and rewind the balls. And yes, if you were wondering, all of this took place after 8:30 p.m. which does seem to be my knitting witching hour. What is it they say, nothing good can happen (for me) after 8:30. I am going to start again from scratch, this time I’m going to go ahead and just do a short row heel. I think that would probably fit a little tiny foot better anyways. I will do the toe up reverse gusset on my next pair of grown up socks when I have the exact number of stitches it calls for in the pattern.


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The sock looked okay to me. Besides being technically savvy, DHC makes a mean egg sandwich.

Comment by running peanut

Way to go Carl.

I love the word “gusset.”

Comment by Troy

I would question the cats.

Oscar looks very guilty in some of his pictures. If he didn’t unhook the phones, he’s up to some other dastardly deed.

Comment by RNR

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