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August 1, 2007, 10:00 am
Filed under: Knitting, Random

This post is a little bit of this and a little bit of that. 

 As you know, I finished the first Rum Runner sock.  Now for all the knitters reading, you know how they say “bind off loosely”.  I am not a loose binder offer, I am a tight binder offer.  So the top of the sock was tight around my leg when I tried it on.  I didn’t like that, so last night I ripped the bind off out and redid it.  Now I have heard of binding off in a larger needle size to help with the tightness.  I really thought that was just something people talked about, but last night I went up two needle sizes and bound the sock off again.  And guess what?!?  It is MUCH better.  Like perfect, just right, not squeezing my calf.  It’s so funny when you actually take advice, use it, and it works like it’s supposed to.  Amazing.  Yeah, I’m not really good at reading directions either, surprise, surprise.

The Great Indiana State Fair begins one week from today.  I am very excited.  I love the State Fair and this year I’m going to see the Llamas.  Last year I went two or three times and managed to not see them.  This year I know when they come (at the very end of the fair after the sheep are gone), so I’m going to make a special point to go and see them.  I hope they don’t spit on me, that would bum me out.

If you have made it to the end of this not very exciting Wednesday blog post, I have a surprise for you from I Can Has Cheezburger.
Love the Buddha Cat!!!!!


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I think you should create a I can Haz Cheezburger post with your kitties.

Comment by Troy

I’m not sure they could handle that level of celebrity. No, they could handle it, I’m not sure we could. I can see I would have to be delivering treats to them all over the house.

Comment by Sally

Ever since you posted about I can Haz Cheezburger – I’ve had many smiles each day!

The bigger needle does help doesn’t it? I doubled up on my dpn’s when I cast on my socks so it wouldn’t be too tight.

I’m excited for the fair too!! I like seeing the sheep 🙂

Comment by Melissa

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