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The Redneckedness of it All
July 27, 2007, 9:31 am
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Last night through a series of circumstances, I was given an opportunity to go and see my favorite NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. He was doing an appearance downtown for his sponsor Budweiser. I may never recover. The concentration of Rednecks and Lady Rednecks in one location was overwhelming. There were hairdos that I have never seen before and hope to never see again. My favorite overall was the guy with the blonde dreadlocks. My escort for the evening, Mike B. graciously posed so I could take a photo of dreadlock dude getting his Bud on.
Mike B. and His Dreadlocked Friend“>
The Bud girls were in the house, posing for photos and writing down fan questions for Junior. They had nice shiny red jumpsuits to wear and Bud girl wranglers to keep any of the Rednecks from getting too friendly.The Bud Girls“>
As soon as they were done writing down the questions, the Bud girls disappeared. Mysterious.
Another big attraction of the evening was the photo with Dale Jr., sort of. What happened was people stood in front of a screen with their Bud and had their photo taken. Then via the magic of photoshop, they were sitting having a Bud with Dale Jr. himself. The line to do this was huge!!!! Even when Dale Jr. was onstage talking, the line stretched along the side of the room. Here is a photo of someone having their picture taken.
Posing for a Picture With Junior“>
And this is the guy doing the computer magic, he and I laughed that I was the only one taking his picture last night.
Computer Magic“>
Sorry about the dark photos, it’s probably a good thing it was pretty dark in there. If I had seen some of these people in bright light, I would still be recovering from the shock of it all.
They had a band play and the combo of the music and the Bud got the crowd moving.
Love was in the air.
Love Is In The Air“>
Then finally, Dale Jr. and his interviewer Marty Smith hit the stage. Thank goodness Mike B. is tall and was able to shoot over the crowd.
Dale Jr. Chillin'“>
I found it very interesting that while Dale Jr. was talking, a majority of the crowd decided not to listen or pay attention to him at all. They were too busy chatting, drinking, partying it up to hear what the boy was saying. It’s too bad they missed it, Junior is funny and smart and he’s no b-s, he tells it like it is. The best Junior line of the night was talking about his new iPhone, “Dang, that iPhone is sumthin’ else, I’ll tell you what.” Some of the crowd were a little confused and seemed to think we were at a concert. Check out the chick on the dudes shoulders, it really wasn’t THAT big a crowd.
I am really thankful to RNR’s friend Eileen who originally won the tickets and then when she couldn’t go offered them to him to pass along to me. I am also thankful to my escort/bodyguard for the night Mike B.  I would have been seriously afraid to be in that crowd by myself. It was a jaw dropping, fun sight filled evening.

If you think you’ve wandered into the wrong blog, I did knit more on the Rum Runner socks yesterday. I’m almost to the heel on sock #1.
Rum Runner #1“>
After knitting two socks in the Dream in Color which is more like sportweight, the Yarn Pirate which is fingering weight seems to go so much slower. I’m sure I will find some quality knitting time this weekend watching all the NASCAR events on tv. I’ve seen plenty enough of it in person.


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Eileen will be thrilled to know that you had such a great time.

Bad beer and rednecks = NASCAR’s in town!!!!

Comment by RNR

Many thanks to Eileen, RNR, and Sally for a very memorable experience. Thank you to Sally for being my escort/bodyguard for the night, I would have been seriously afraid to be in that crowd by myself. It was definitely sensory overload, I’m still trying to analyze the entire event in my head, I may need some professional help with a few of the things we witnessed. One highlight for me was a large (6’6″), kinda intimidating fan (big lamb-chop sideburns, angry guy goatee, greenish tattoos, several beers) became a singing and dancing fool when the music started. When the back-up singer / bongo player / tambourine girl took the mic and broke out Gloria Gaynor’s “I will survive”, big scary guy not only knew all the words and sang along with gusto, but went full-on diva with the arm/hand gestures and neck pops, it was amazing. This was an unparalled opportunity for me to indulge in one of my passions, mullet hunting. The mullet, the mud-flap, Tennessee water-fall, business in the front – party in the back, little front porch – whole lotta back deck, however you say it, the mullet is an iconic hairstyle. The mullet hunt involves finding, stalking, eventually photographing the mullet. Amateurs beware, this is not an activity to participate in casually, it can become dangerous if you anger the mullet. The trophy of the mullet hunt has always been the elusive and wily fe-mullet, that’s right, girls with mullets. Last night was the largest concentration of fe-mullets I have ever seen, maybe the largest in recorded history. I only managed one, blurry, cell phone pic. I was nervous that I would draw the attention of the pack, which could have been the end of me. It was cool to see the Dale Earnhardt Jr interview in person, he is one of the “good guys” in a sport full of super-egos.

Comment by Mike B

It really was MulletMania. Good to know that people can still make a living giving big poofy perms, too.

Comment by Sally

This is just the kind of scene where after two drinks I get beat up for something I I’ve said. But I still wish I’d been there!

Comment by Troy

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