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July 25, 2007, 9:00 am
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Happy Wednesday everyone!  I’m really tired today, not quite sure why.  Maybe I’ll have another cup of coffee to get me going.  First, let me update you on the boys trip to the vet yesterday.  Everyone survived intact.  The doctor says they are both in excellent health.  Simon has not gained any weight since last year, which is surprising.  Oscar was very scared and hissy, but he didn’t try to bite anyone.  It only took two of them to give him his shots.  They don’t have to have their teeth cleaned, so they can relax until next year.  Also, their kitty pop up tents I bought for them at Target were a big hit.  I liked it that they could see out.

After many false starts, the Rum Runner socks are finally moving along.  Mike B. was questioning about the pattern being all around the foot, so I took some photos that I hope will help explain.  Here is a photo of the top of the sock where the pattern is.
Top of Foot“>
This is photo is of the bottom of the sock that you would be walking on. You want this part to be smooth on your foot. Pattern here would not be comfortable.
Bottom of Foot“>
Same thing with the toe and the heel. I actually think I like the part without pattern a little better. I really like how the colors look.
I was thinking of all the non-sock projects that I’m either working on, or want to make. I’ve got the Icarus Shawl, Darling Husband Carl wants an blanket for his Fortress of Solitude, I would like to make some scarves for the Red Scarf Project 2008, dishcloths, baby bibs, the list goes on and on. I can tell that the State Fair is coming, two weeks from today people!!!!!  I’m going to make a point to see the alpacas this year.  What do you want to see?


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I want to see the World’s Largest Pig, all the exhibits in the Ag/Hort building, all the exhibits in the Home and Family Arts bldg., plus my favorite, Bob Johnson and his six horse hitch. I hope I don’t get sheep pee on my feet again. Though I must admit, it didn’t really bother me.

Comment by Runningpeanut

If a sheep pees on your new socks, I will be most unhappy. It might fade them!!!

Comment by bigskymind

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