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Rough Start
July 24, 2007, 9:31 am
Filed under: Knitting, Pets

It has taken me six tries to get the Rum Runner socks started.  I really, really should not try to start new socks with a new cast on after 8 p.m.  I am so not a night person.  I think that finally I have got it it going, the toe is done and I’m working on the ribbing.  In one of my failed attempts I had the pattern going all the way around the foot.  Doh!! Not too comfortable to try to walk on.  So here is how it looks for now.
<a href=”Rum Runner Sock“>

The only other thing that is going on in my world today is that Darling Husband Carl is taking the boys to visit the vet this morning. I am a little worried about how this is going to go. He is taking them by himself, which will be a challenge. Last year it took 3 people to give Oscar one shot. Think happy thoughts for my stressed out hubby and kitties today.
<a href=”Boys Back View“>


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Did Carl survive?

Comment by Troy

Everyone survived. Darling Husband did say it was very stressful driving with them both crying the entire way there.

Comment by bigskymind

Next time Carl has to take them, tell him to turn the radio up really loud. That usually stops my cat from crying.

Comment by RNR

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