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Screeching Halt
July 15, 2007, 6:10 pm
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That’s what happened to the BigSkyMind sock this weekend. As I worked through the heel and into the grass growing into the sky portion of the sock, it became very narrow. I have to squeeze to get it onto my foot. So D advised me to put it down and work on something else until I can have him try it on. No sense in finishing it and then finding out it doesn’t fit and having to rip it out back to the heel. Wanna see what it looks like so far?
<a href=”http://Grass Growing Into Sky“>
I got the yarn for the puffy clouds this weekend.
<a href=”http://Puffy Cloud Yarn“>
I’m happy with it and the price was right. So what’s a knitter to do when her main project gets shut down? I worked on Icarus yesterday. It’s still a big rusty looking blob. Today I finished another baby bib. I understand from Reece’s Mom that his knitted bibs are the ones that are fitting him best these days.
<a href=”http://Finished Baby Bib“>
I also started a dishcloth.
<a href=”http://Dishcloth“>
Love the patterns that are easy to memorize and take almost no thought. You may wonder where my faithful knitting assistant has been lately. He decided to make an appearance today while I was taking photos.<a href=”http://Sleepy Assistant“>
As you can see, he was very tired after being such a good assistant.
<a href=”http://Someone's Sleepy“>
<a href=”http://Oscar Sleeping on Knitting“>
Oscar decided he needed a nap, right on top of my knitting. So hopefully tomorrow we can have D try on his sock and fingers crossed it will fit.

UPDATE:  It fits, barely, so it’s a go on the sock.  Collective Scheew.


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Reece is lucky to have such a thoughtful friend to keep him outfitted in the coolest bibs.

Comment by Jason

I’m loving those socks!!

Comment by Melissa

I’m just really glad that Reece isn’t allergic to cats since Oscar seems to want to roll on all of his stuff.

Comment by Sally

May I say that I am tres excited about the socks. I know it’s hard work with those custom designed clouds but you can do it. I can’t wait to wear my socks ’round town. Don’t forget to send me an invoice!

Comment by David

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