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Kermit Feet
July 12, 2007, 8:55 am
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Well I restarted D’s BigSkyMind socks again last night.  Now I’m down to 56 sts on size 1 DPN’s.  I think this will work for him.  I guess I didn’t realize how much the Monkey pattern was sucking up sts.  They are 64 on the same size needle and fit me fine.  I wish that I was better at understanding guage, needle size and how to adjust patterns for different yarn.  It’s all math and we know I’m not very good with the math.  I can knit these while watching SYTYCD.  I don’t really have to pay too close attention to do plain stockinette.  I continue to worry that these will look like Kermit feet.  I think that green is just such a foreign color to me, I never wear it, that it is a mental block I need to get over.
Green Grass Foot“>
Here is the progress I made last night. These maybe a little slower going, something about the lack of stitch pattern makes it slow.
Simon by the food“>
Here is a photo I took of Simon with the new iPhone. Not too bad. I’m slowly getting used to the camera. I have had sucess sending photos to other AT&T mobile phones, but can’t seem to get one to go through to Verizon. If there are any geeks out there that have any suggestions, I’m happy to try them. I have tried e-mailing to the address. It came back with an error. will deliver a message, but no photo.  UPDATE:  I’ve done more investigation and there currently is no way to e-mail a Enhanced Text to a Verizon customer.  D says it’s my bad for having a phone that won’t send pictures via text, I say it’s his bad for having Verizon that can’t get enhanced text via e-mail.


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You got quite a bit done – I feel like I knit so slowly!

Simon is one beautiful cat!

Comment by Melissa

Don’t be fooled, I’m not normally a fast knitter at all. I’ve got some special sock mojo working for me right now. Simon is beautiful, but I know when we take him in for his check up, doctor is not going to be happy about how much he weighs. He is a chubby one.

Comment by bigskymind

What’s wrong with Kermit feet?

That camera phone picture of Simon is awesome! And can’t a lot of the high end phones receive e-mails with photos? Blackberries, Treos, etc.

Comment by Troy

We were discussing that very thing at lunch today. I think the difference is that it is enhanced text, not an actual e-mail.

Comment by Sally

If she doesn’t do her assignment, I can’t do mine.

Comment by Runningpeanut

I laughed so hard, I just snorted!!

Comment by Sally

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