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No Wonder
July 6, 2007, 9:06 am
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For many days I’ve been thinking that the bag I use to haul around my knitting was getting kind of heavy.  So last night I decided to empty it out completely and for some insane reason, share the contents.
My Knitting Bag“>
Here is the bag in it’s full state. Trust me, even though it’s not bulging at the seams, it was heavy. Soon you’ll see why.
Contents #1“>
This is content picture #1. Included are 4 books, an umbrella and a couple of balls of yarn.
Contents #2“>
This is content picture #2. There was much too much stuff to get into one photo. This one contains a sweater, bottle of water, and not one but two phone chargers. One is for my Razr phone I’m not even using anymore. There is also an unread magazine to go with my unread books in the last photo. I’m not short on reading materials, just actual reading.
Contents #3“>
This photo contains a completed sock,  more yarn, a cd filled with photos from F1 Friday, and six different yarn samples from The Loopy Ewe. Like I need that extra temptation riding around with me.
Final Item“>
Darling Husband Carl thought it would be really funny if I made you think that Oscar was in the bottom of my knitting bag. As you can tell, Oscar is just thrilled about this idea. There is no way either one of the cats would actually fit in there.  Simon does like to leave me toys, stuffed mice and ponytail holders in the bottom of the bag. So I tried to clean it up somewhat, two of the four books were removed. And I only have one knitting project in progress and one spare ball of yarn now.  You can click the link to my Flickr page to get more details of all the junk in the photos.  It was pretty amazing all of the stuff that came out of there, no wonder it was heavy.


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This is a sin.

Comment by Runningpeanut

Not quite ‘crazy bag-lady’ status, but really only a 1/2 bag of crackers and a winter-coat-in-summer away. 🙂

Comment by Mike B

I THOUGHT I saw you feeding pigeons on the Circle last week.

Comment by Troy

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