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More Yarn???
July 3, 2007, 9:09 am
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Since there wasn’t a huge public outcry over the size of my sock yarn stash, what’s a girl to do except buy more?  First, I found out that one of my LYS carries the Dream in Color Smooshy.  You will remember that D wants socks that match my blog header, green grass that blends into a blue sky.  Now you may be saying to yourself that I knit an awful lot of things for D, why is he so lucky?  He pays for the yarn people.  All I have to do is knit the item up, which I enjoy.  He loves that he has a personal knitist on call for the projects he dreams up.  So here is the photo of his sock yarn.
Dream In Color“>
My faithful yarn assistant Oscar gave it his sniff of approval, actually I think he was about to take off with it (I stopped him in the nick of time).
Oscar Yarn Sniffing“>
I also got an order from The Loopy Ewe. I’m now officially a “Loopy Groupie”, which means I’m entitled to special perks. The first perk was free yarn, woot!! I ordered some beautiful Duet yarn, it comes with a solid color for toes and heels. The color I chose was Daphney.
Duet in Daphney“>
I think you can probably see why I chose this colorway. The great folks at the Loopy Ewe threw in some really nice grey heather Regia. Oscar wanted to check all this out as well.
Faithful Yarn Assistant Oscar“>
I don’t know what will ever happen if he rejects yarn I’ve chosen. Thank goodness he’s pretty easy going, at least when it comes to yarn. The Monkey socks are coming along nicely. I got another repeat of the lace pattern done last night. So it looks the same, only longer.

On a completely unrelated note, does anyone besides me think that it is a sure sign our country is in deep, deep trouble when Paris Hilton has to serve her jail time and does it, but Scooter Libby gets out of it completely?!? I mean really people, how big a wuss is that guy??? Unbelievable!!!!!


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Yarn names are so fun! And I love the term Monkey Socks.

Paris has more integrity than the Bush administration. That is sad.

Comment by Troy

Love the yarn, love Oscar, and you’re right, love having my own knitist. You’re so good at it!

Comment by David

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