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July 1, 2007, 7:45 pm
Filed under: Knitting, Technology

Yes, I went after work on Friday and stood in line for my iPhone. My number was 22, the guy that was 10 had been there since noon. So not too bad. My only worry was that they only had 20 total or 20 of each and everyone was going to buy the 8GB that I wanted. Turns out that wasn’t the case and thanks to Darling Husband Carl I got my new iPhone. Getting it activated was a little bit of a challenge, it just wasn’t happening on Friday night. Not surprisingly, it was a breeze at 5:30 a.m. on Saturday morning. I am completely amazed by this computer with a phone attached. I have all of my email and internet bookmarks on it. I could be doing this post from it, if I really wanted to. Now having said all that, I’ve found three things that I’m not crazy about it. First, I can’t send or receive pictures via text message, only e-mail. My friends and I tend to do this a lot and it bugs me that I can’t do it now. I can, it will just be more of a hassle for everyone. Boo! I can’t do voice dialing, meaning I can’t just press a button and say “David” or “Mom and Dad” and have it dial their number for me. Not a huge deal to me. And the battery seems to be going down pretty quickly. I am playing with it like crazy, which is I’m sure why it keeps draining so fast. Oh and I don’t think that the camera is as good as the one on the Razr. I can’t zoom in on things. Other than those minor issues, I’m in love. I’ll keep you posted on our relationship.

I did manage to squeeze some knitting in this weekend. I finished the Perambulate socks. Sock #2 is according to pattern and is slightly different than #1. I don’t really think it’s a big deal and I like them better than I thought I would. I would definitely use this pattern again, I think it’s really pretty and best of all easy to memorize.Finished Perambulate“>
After many false starts, I finally got the Monkey socks going:
Monkey Socks“>
You’ll notice the pattern underneath the sock in progress. Trying to pay close attention. I think it took me so long to get going is that I’ve been having some sizing issues with my socks lately so I wanted to make sure these would be the right gauge so they wouldn’t be huge or too tight. So far they seem good.


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Note the rebel tattoo on the ankle. Tee hee.

Comment by David

I can’t wait to see it. Surely there is a way to send pictures that is easier. Then again, that may be their way of making EVERYONE get mac phones. Give Mac buffs a month or two to figure it out.

Comment by Troy

We have it worked out, it’s just complicated. My e-mail accounts are on the phone, so I can send and receive photos via e-mail. Just not via text. The text comes up in little cartoon conversation bubbles, so cute! 98% in total love with the phone, I can look at weather radar anytime I want! The iPod is my favorite part, no more stinky top 40 radio!

Comment by bigskymind

When I want to send pics to some of my friends who are off network I have to send them to a dummy email that gets delivered as an email, for example Verizon would be something like where the 1235551212 is their phone number. It’s not perfect but t may be a usable work around.

Comment by E to the M

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