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Happy Adoption Day Oscar and Simon!!
June 29, 2007, 9:49 am
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Tomorrow is the 2 year anniversary of our adoption of the “boys” Oscar and Simon.  I thought I would honor them with a little blog post about them.  The boys are not from the same litter, Oscar is a month older than Simon.  They were kennel mates at the Humane Society.  Oscar was the first kitty I picked out from the pictures online. 
Oscar Baby“>

Oscar as a wee lad of three months.
 Simon’s original name was Amore. 
Simon Baby“>
It took us a couple of months to teach Simon his name.  He didn’t respond at first when we would call him, so I went around saying “Your name is Simon, Simon is your name” until he finally figured it out.  They both became fairly ill right after we adopted them. 
simon and oscar
 This is a common occurrence for pets that are adopted from places like the Humane Society.  They were little snot monsters and Simon had infections in his eyes and ears.  But the vet gave us medicine and then they were well.  Simon was so little when we adopted him, but now he is much bigger than Oscar.  
looking out the door“>
Simon’s favorite toys are my ponytail holders and hand knit socks.  Oscar’s are the catnip filled mice.  A sign of love is when Oscar brings you his mouse and lays it at your feet.  Oscar is a big old scairdy cat and will hiss at the drop of a hat.  Simon is so quiet, he hardly ever makes a peep.  Simon has the strangest meow, it sounds like a child crying. 
Simon Streching“>
If Simon is happy, he will flop over and let you pet his belly. 
Sleepy Oscar“>
If Oscar is sleepy he will insist on getting in my lap, curling up into a ball and purr/chirp at me. Oscar wakes me up everyday at 5:30 by jumping and walking on me until I open my eyes and look at him, I wish we could teach him about the weekend.
Oscar being sweet“>

Oscar all grown up.
Simon planning his next escape“>

Sweet Simon.
Darling Husband Carl and I love them, they make our lives so much richer and I treasure every day with them.


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They are beautiful kitties! Happy Adoption day – I’m glad they have such a good home 🙂

Comment by Melissa

I didn’t realize you had gotten the boys from the HS. When we went to pick out Claire, I was totally distracted by the kitties. John is allergic to cats so we can’t have one, but they are so cute. So glad you got Simon and Oscar.

Amore? For a cat?

Comment by Troy

Isn’t that the goofiest name you’ve ever heard? I still remember the hours Carl and I spent trying to come up with their names. I wanted to them Earl (Oscar) and Randy (Simon). I do think their names fit their personalities, sometimes I call him Oscar the Grouch.

Comment by bigskymind

I was hoping for Maurice and Pierre.

Comment by David

You know that the name of my poodle growing up was Pierre.

Comment by bigskymind

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