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Wednesday Widgets
June 27, 2007, 9:15 am
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You may notice some changes at the old BigSkyMind.  I’ve deleted some gossip blogs off of my blogroll.  I don’t read them anymore, if you really need to read them, I bet you could find them.  I added Banana Migraine, who I found through Karen at Meandering Mango.  Melissa is a knitter, and a working Mom who I was thinking this morning must never, ever sleep.  I’m totally in awe of the fact that she publishes her meal plan for the week on Mondays.  It always looks so good, I want to eat at her house.  I also managed to add a link to my Flickr page.  You will probably see most of the photos there on my blog here, but there maybe some additions especially if I upgrade to a Flickr Pro account.  I’m very proud that I was able to add the page, I’m a bit of a stumbler when it comes to things techno, but I kept playing with it and figured it out eventually.

I started Perambulate #2.  I think I am going to actually follow the pattern for this one.  My two socks won’t match exactly, but they are for me so I don’t mind.
a href=”Baby Perambulate“>

Simon has been hogging the blog spotlight lately so I thought I would include some photos of Oscar today:
Oscar Sleeping in His Favorite Spot“>
Here he is sleeping on the towels in the bathroom. He likes to hang out with me while I get ready in the am:
Oscar Sleepy“>

Finally a big giant Happy Birthday Shout Out to my yoga teacher Lisa! Lisa is the most awesome yoga teacher in the whole world and if not for her support and encouragement, I wouldn’t be teaching yoga today. Have a great day Lisa!
LIsa and her new socks


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First of all, I’m so proud of you for figuring out the Flickr widget.

Second, I love orange and pink together (Simon & paint color).

Isn’t it funny how we just stop reading some sites?

Comment by Troy

I won’t tell Oscar you called him Simon ;-). I gave up the gossip sites for lent and just never really went back. I found that they just made me feel icky inside. Anything big you hear everywhere anyways. It’s All Paris, All the time anymore.

Comment by bigskymind

Thought bubble caption for Oscar On Towels:

“Mom, 5:30 is waaaay too early, these lights are so bright (yawn) need more slee…zzzzzzz”

Comment by Mike B

Are you kidding? He wakes me up, has treats (sometimes Simon’s too) and then goes up and lays back down for a nap! Sounds like a pretty good gig to me.

Comment by bigskymind

My apologies to Simon and to Oscar.

Comment by Troy

No Worries, they are hard to tell apart. Oscar is the one with the white paws, if you can see their feet.

Comment by bigskymind

stop the madness y’all…btw, bring back the gossip sites.

Comment by Runningpeanut

Thanks for the mention 🙂 I do sleep sometimes! You are welcome for dinner anytime – we always have leftovers.

Oscar is a beautiful cat – I love orange cats. I want one.

Comment by Melissa

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