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Time Is Not On My Side
June 26, 2007, 7:58 am
Filed under: Insomnia, Knitting, Yarn Pr0n

I am time obsessed.  I don’t know why.  I wish I wasn’t.  My insomnia has returned somewhat so last night I turned my clock competely around.  It really helps me.  Even when I do wake up, I am more able to go back to sleep if I don’t know what time it is.  I’m not doing the mental calculations about how long I have left to sleep in my head.  Darling Husband Carl has his alarm set, and he’s not going to let me oversleep, so I don’t really know why I even need a clock at night.  Lots of times I play the game, “What Is The Worst Thing That Would Happen?”.  Like if I WAS ever late for work, what is the worst thing that would happen?  I might get in trouble, but I’m usually at least 20 minutes early for work, so I don’t think they would fire me.  Even if I did get fired, life would go on.  I’m working on having a more relaxed relationship with time.  Altho, I am freaking that the iPhone goes on sale at 6 p.m. on Friday night.  What is up with that?!?  So you know I’m going after work to get into line.

Okay, on to the knitting portion of the program.  I finished the first Perambulate sock:
Completed Perambulate #1“>
It is very difficult to take a photo of your own feet without making them look huge by the way. I found as I was knitting the toe on sock #1 that I made a fairly significant error in the foot. I was 5 stitches short. So I had to do some creative knitting so my sock wasn’t permanently like Madonna circa 1985 (you know I was totally into that look Troy!). Now here is my question, do I knit sock #2 to match or do I knit it correctly to the pattern? Thoughts????

I have some new yarn to share with you. The company is called Dream In Color. It is called Smooshy Sock Yarn and the colorway is Giant Peach. Cara and D helped me choose the color, thanks guys. I am seriously crazy about this yarn. I haven’t knit a stitch with it yet and I already want to order more. Wanna see?
Dream In Color“>
Smooshy Yarn“>
I tried to shoot a close up so you could see the beautiful color and softness of this yarn. These maybe the Monkey socks! Also, coming tomorrow because his fans have been clamoring for it, a picture of Oscar.


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I love the yarn in person. I like the socks better with your toes out as in previous post. I say make the sock correctly as per pattern.

Comment by runningpeanut

I love the color of that yarn! It’s beautiful. Your socks are great – I am going to knit my first pair of socks as soon as I finish Delphine’s tank top.

Comment by Melissa

Hey Bigfoot (just kidding), I’m confused. Why is Dave’s comment using your icon?

Comment by Troy

Because he always comments on my computer and forgets to log me out.

Comment by bigskymind

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