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Summer of Socks
June 20, 2007, 7:31 am
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Tomorrow is the first day of Summer (believe it or not) June 21st.  It is also the first day of the Summer of Socks.  I will not be starting a new pair until I finish Carabean’s socks.  Speaking of, one is done.
Carabean Sock #1“>
Sock #2 is started.
Toe of Sock #2“>
Those purple things are needle caps. I bought them so my needles would not get pulled out of my sock in progress. I found this more of a problem with my Yarn Pirate yarn than I have with the Claudia’s Hand Painted. They will be handy for whatever socks I’m making.
So I’ve already started to think about what my next knitting projects will be. Darling Husband Carl started a new project at work and will be very, very busy the next few weeks. Like 12 hour days and no days off (yuck, I know) so I will have lots of knitting time. I will (of course) be doing socks for the Summer of Socks, any suggestions on what I should do next? I will be getting new Zen String and Yarn Pirate soon. I am enrolled in sock clubs for both. I also want to get started making scarfs for the Red Scarf Project. This year they are taking the scarves in the fall. I can only make 5, that is the limit. Darling Husband Carl wants a blanket. So I have some things to think about. If you were wondering about Icarus, I am in the middle of Chart #3. I don’t hate it yet. It takes a really long time to do one row. I may still be able to have it finished by the Fourth of July, but maybe not. It still looks like a big rusty blob (to me) or a giantic stingray (to David).
Finally, here is a photo of Simon in his favorite spot in our whole house. He likes to look out over the entire back yard.
Simon in his favorite spot“>

UPDATE:  I almost forgot, The White Stripes new CD “Icky Thump” is out.  Early (I haven’t even listened to it all the way through yet) review, if you like the freaky weirdness that IS The White Stripes, you will probably like the “Icky Thump”  which is an Northern English expression (actually ecky thump) for “what the heck”.   Nothing gross people, get your minds out of the gutter!  Starting with “Little Cream Soda” there are a string of songs that are awesome.  It is strange to me that the CD seems to really pick up halfway through.  But nothing that The White Stripes do should surprise me.


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When did you get blue pillows for the sofa?

Comment by Runningpeanut

That is actually the futon in the bedroom. We got them shortly after we got the futon, circa 1995-1996. Pier One, baby!

Comment by Sally

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