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Yarn Pr0n
June 14, 2007, 7:51 am
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This is a yarn term for new acquistions. Since I’m always showing you my new yarns, I thought I would jump on the yarn pr0n bandwagon. New Yarn“>
Mondays seem to be stressful for me, so I did a little online shopping last week and was rewarded with lots of presents to myself on Monday.  It did make my day better.  My custom ordered Citron from the Yarn Pirate.
(Why I don’t have a close up of it, I have no idea)
Zen String“>
Zen String from the Loopy Ewe. Serendipity fingering weight in the October colorway.
Oscar Sniffing The Java“>
Cherry Tree Hill brand new yarn called SockItToMe, the colorway is Java. Oscar, my faithful yarn assistant, wanted to sniff the Java. This is all sock yarn in case you were wondering. The Summer of Socks begins in one week.

Fernando Alonso

Tomorrow is F1 Friday at the Speedway.  Hopefully I will have lots of fun pictures for you.  In case I don’t post between now and then, all Dads have a great Father’s day.  


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The Java is amazing. No wonder Oscar wanted to smell it.

Comment by Troy

I think it’s strange that I chose such fall colors. It’s the years of retail seeping out of me.

Comment by Sally

The Formula 1 circus returns to Indy, maybe (but hopefully not) for the last time. Bernie “Napoleon Complex” Eccelstone, the grand pooh-bah of F1, has yet to sign a new contract with the IMS. While F1 may not have the following of Indy or NASCAR, this is a huge weekend for the city of Indianapolis. It would be a shame if they don’t return in 2008.

F1 is a different style of racing that requires a little more attention as strategy evolves. A common misperception is that all passing happens in the pit lane. Drivers battling for position often do so on different sections of the track because of different pit stop strategy. The ‘pass’ happens on the track because one driver consistently lays down faster laps than the other, the pit stops themselves are virtually identical. “In-corner” overtaking does happen in F1, and can be astonishing.

Speaking of pit lane, if you have only seen Indy or NASCAR pit stops, a F1 stop will flip your wig. When the car comes to a stop, 18 mechanics swarm on the machine, 6 seconds later, full of fuel with 4 new tires, engine screaming, the lollipop goes up and the car launches out of the pit box. Don’t blink, you’ll miss it.

The Formula 1 cars are amazing examples of design and engineering, and are flippin’ expensive. The engines make a glorious noise as they rev to 19,000 RPM, the cars change direction like fighter-jets, and generate enough braking force that mere mortals would be rendered unconscious slowing for turn 1. Quick side note, one of my favorite racing quotes is from Mario Andretti who once said, “I’m amazed by how many (racing) drivers think the brakes are for slowing down.” Wrap your head around that one.

If you don’t have plans for the weekend, make a journey out to the Speedway, Formula 1 is a unique experience. Plus, you’ll have a chance to see Lewis Hamilton in his amazing rookie year. I generally dislike the ‘next’ tag (next Michael Jordan, next Walter Payton, etc) and people are talking “next Michael Schumacher” regarding Hamilton. This kid is truly amazing. I know, he’s not curing cancer or discovering a viable source of renewable energy, but I am in awe of his driving, and I have seen some of the best ever, including Michael “Hot Pants” Schumacher. I believe Lewis will continue to make history in motorsports, I’m geeked to see him on the track.

I love when F1 comes to town, plus it gives me a chance to hijack BigSkyMind with my rambling thoughts.

I was fortunate enough to see the Citron yarn in person, it will make some fly socks.

Comment by Mike B

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