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Thanks For the Memories
June 13, 2007, 8:25 am
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That is the current single for Fall Out Boy and appropriate for the most enjoyable time Georg and I had last night at Deer Creek.  (ADD moment, I refuse to use corporate names for places and I do still call it the Hoosier Dome.)  There were many warm up bands.  I liked +44 the best.  They are the new band with Travis and Mark from Blink 182, I have to say the crowd favorite was The Academy Is.  I found them ehn, but the youngsters were going crazy for them.  It might have had something to do with the lead singer’s way skinny jeans, I don’t know for sure.  After building a HUGE set, it was finally time for the Boys.  Very amusing, after playing a couple of hits, Pete mentioned something about his new cellmate and they broke into Akon’s “Don’t Matter”.  Then right into “Sugar, We’re Going Down”.  They played all the hits, lots of explosions and fire.  Cool video screens. 
Fall Out Boy 3“>
Would have been a great show, but during the encore, they broke into “Dance, Dance”  I look over to my right and there are Pete and Joe the guitar player right at the end of our row playing in the middle of the audience. 
I have very fuzzy cell phone pics.
Fall Out Boy“>Fuzzy Fall Out Boy“>
It was great fun, but I did notice that everyone was so busy taking pictures, texting, recording sound on their cells, etc… that they didn’t seem to be actually enjoying the show. I decided pretty early on, that I wanted to see it more than I wanted to share it, so not many photos. Totally worth all the drama! Thanks For The Memories Fall Out Boy, it was awesome!


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You are such a groupie to address them on your blog! I totally understand. I still call it the Hoosier Dome too.

Comment by Runningpeanut

Well D, I’m totally sure that Fall Out Boy reads my knitting/yarn/cat obsessed blog.

Comment by bigskymind

You never know Sally. With your diverse set of blog topics, sometimes I wonder what your search engine terms must be.

Comment by Troy

You rocked it Sal!

Comment by Cara

I do get some crazy searches. Today I had two for Bizarre Love Triangle Peanut Butter Cup. I get a lot for those pantyhose I can’t find, evidently other people are searching for them too.

Comment by bigskymind

Sometimes Karen and I toss around the idea of a spin-off blog where we have to create a post for the bizarre searches we get. I’d like to read the one you would write for the Peanut Butter Cup Love Triangle.

Comment by Troy

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